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Why is the suspension of assembled sports flooring a newcomer to the sports industry?

As everyone pays more and more attention to fitness and sports, the number of people going to sports venues is increasing. The suspension assembly sports floor is a floor specially designed for sports venues. It uses high-tech antibacterial function and has super wear resistance and pressure resistance. It is convenient to move, easy to clean, easy to install, etc. The sports function is also much stronger than the interlocking wood indoor sport flooring basketball court of other raw materials, making your activity space more safe, healthy and green. Why do you say that the suspended assembly sports floor has become the new darling of the flooring industry? The main points are as follows

1, disassembly, protection and convenience
The level of request on the ground is low and no adhesive is installed. Small block body planning, using the hammer to match the child and the buckle, free to assemble, simple operation, convenient construction, short construction period, and can be disassembled and assembled repeatedly. Usually, outdoor protection can be washed with water, and the mop is cleaned indoors, and the protection cost is very low. Single-chip damaged single-piece replacement does not affect the use and saves money.

2, multi-functional durability
Basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, gymnasium, indoor soccer field, dry hockey, handball, kindergarten, entertainment plaza, swimming pool, park, elderly activities, etc., can hold live! Saving a limited amount of place capital can also greatly reduce the cost of place management and management.
It is also easy to follow, and can be applied on flat cement or asphalt, and can be used indoors and outdoors. The weather resistance is extremely high, and it is not afraid of high temperature, rain and humidity, cold and snow, and never warp and peel. There is no climate restriction, and there is no water accumulation after the rain.

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3, safety and environmental protection
Raw material polypropylene (PP) is a high-strength material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Compared with the hard ground, the assembled floor has excellent safety, shock absorption, and resilience. It achieves vertical shock absorption and energy return, lateral cushioning, anti-skid and anti-sport damage, and the athlete's knee, ankle, and back. The cervical vertebrae form the best protection. Decrease the impact of athletes' joints and avoid accidental impact injuries.

4, comfortable and excellent sports function
The solid-planned suspension supports the elastic bottom plate structure, which can guarantee the superior shock absorption and cushioning effect, and make the foot feel comfortable. The wear-resistant layer of the plate body is planned so that the sole is tightly pressed against the floor at the moment, and the slippery movement can transmit the weak motion power as desired.
The special treatment of the surface of the floor is consistent with the brightness of the light. It is non-reflective and glare-free. It can protect the athlete's eyes very well and is not prone to fatigue. Low heat reflection, no sweat absorption, no moisture, no stagnation.

5, rich colors, beautiful paving
The suspended assembly floor is rich in color, the product has various lines, and the planning is novel and scientific, which makes the place beautiful and generous.
kindergarten interlocking outdoor soft elastic flooring is currently the most cost-effective among similar products. The investment is low (no need to re-do the basics), the protection cost is low, the grade is high, and the effect is quick (the pavement line can be used after 2 hours). The best choice for all types of sports venues.