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Why Choose ZSFloor As Your Supplier of Sports Flooring?

1.Excellent performance

Excellent performance has been recognized by various brand events , school and international competitions, like NBL, Adidas, Nike and many schools.

2.Suspended sports surface design

Reduce damage to your knees, ankles, back and cheekbones。

3. Side shock absorption

The patented design reduces damage caused by side forces caused by sudden pauses, starts and turns.

4. No special weather requirements

No temperature and humidity limit, no fear of pests.

5. Multiple colors to suit different needs

Choose from up to 14 colors to choose from.

6. No need to use adhesive

The court can be installed directly on existing floors without the need for adhesive or support.

7. Quick and easy to install

The installation process can be completed in less than 48 hours.

8. Non-toxic ingredients

Do not use any toxic substances.

9.Simple and comfortable

You can get the court you want, and every of our sport corut is installed to the strictest standards.

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