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Why Choose Zsfloor As a Sports Flooring Supplier?

1.Quality: Made from high quality raw materials and inspected by our professionals based on various tests and resistance reports, and finally approved for delivery to customers.

2.Performance: Designed to provide the best sports experience for players.

3.Safety: All our designs are considering injury prevention; anti-slip, anti-theft, anti-storm wind .

4.Durability: Durable flooring, now a good investment.

5.Pricing: A market price that is most cost effective.

Service: Accurate installation guide and warranty.

portable elastic pro sport court

ZSFloor is extremely durable and offers the best ball bounce and lift, which is a key factor in basketball. With our advanced seamless compositing and resilient floor covering system, we are able to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency for any game on our basketball floor.


We have the widest range of sports court surfaces designed for outdoor and indoor courts. ur products are CE ,ISO and ROHS certified for any type of professional competitive game. We offer safety and higher performance with excellent traction and ball output response. We also offer custom color and LOGO designs for our customers. Our floors are environmentally friendly and ideal for installation in any indoor or outdoor community.

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