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Whether the suspended plastic assembled floor is soft or hard

Is the suspension plastic assembled sports floor soft and still hard?

Choose a prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court not too hard, but not too soft, too soft floor standing for a long time on the pressure on the children's back, legs, ankle. The too hard floor is cold, cold, hard and slippery, which will cause problems for children's safety.

interlock detachable elastic flat PP mat sport flooring

The suspended plastic assembled floor adopts mature high-strength polypropylene environmental protection materials, which effectively treats the problem of thermal expansion and contraction of the floor together and has stable surface friction. The anti-UV additive is added to each floor to ensure that the floor is protected for a long time. It does not fade in daylight, the suspension structure design and the consolidated reinforced support foot structure create excellent vertical shock absorption. The non-slip appearance can prevent sports damage. Good ball rebound function and ball speed ensure the floor. Excellent sporting function, it can be used to lay the ideal high-performance basketball court, tennis court, five-a-side football field, roller skating court, table tennis court and multi-purpose courts such as volleyball and badminton.

Suspended plastic assembly floor is also called combined sports floor. It is the ground floor material of the detachable synthetic indoor tennis court. The finished product is block-shaped and can be directly paved on the surface of cement or asphalt. No need to bond, every floor The connection is made with a unique lock, which is very simple to install and can be disassembled at will.