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What Suapended Interlocking Flooring is?

Suspended interlocking flooring is a new type of flooring material, suitable for sports venues and leisure venues. Its main component is polypropylene. The main features are "suspended" and "interlocking". “Suspend” refers to its unique structural design, which allows the floor surface and the ground to be suspended in parallel, giving full play to the elasticity of the floor itself. “Interlocking floor” means that the construction process is simple and practical through splicing and installation.

The bottom structure of the suspended interlocking sports floor is composed of four square corner supports, which provides a good support cushioning function. The lock-type connection makes the installation more convenient and quick.

It is widely used: five-a-side football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, handball, roller skating, ice hockey, gymnasium, kindergarten, entertainment plaza, sports park, old-age activities and other outdoor indoor venues.

Cost-effective: Suspended interlocking sports flooring is the most cost-effective product in all current flooring materials. The total investment is small, the basic requirements are low, and the new stadium only needs cement floor. The original cement floor can be laid directly. Low maintenance costs.

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