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What is the sports floor? Why is the use of sports flooring extensive?

Suspension assembling sports flooring is a new type of flooring material suitable for sports venues and leisure venues. Its main component is polypropylene. The main features are 'suspension' and 'assembly'. 'Suspicion' refers to its unique structural design, allowing the floor surface and the ground to be suspended in parallel, giving full play to the elasticity of the floor itself. 'Assembly floor' means that the construction process is simple and practical through splicing and installation.

The bottom structure of the suspended assembled sports floor is composed of four square corner supports, which provides good support cushioning function. The lock-type connection makes the installation more convenient and quick.

Suspended interlocking indoor sport surface is widely used: five-a-side football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, handball, roller skating, ice hockey, gymnasium, kindergarten, entertainment plaza, sports park, old-age activities, and other outdoor indoor venues.

Cost-effective: Sports flooring is the most cost-effective product in all current flooring materials. The total investment is small, the basic requirements are low, and the new stadium only needs a cement floor. The original cement floor can be laid directly. Low maintenance costs and high grades.

removable futsal court construction

The following are several product features of the suspended assembled sports floor:

1. Quick effect: 1000m2 four people complete the pavement in two days, the drawing line can be used after 2 hours, it is the best choice for all kinds of sports venues.

2. Zero maintenance fee: just rinse with water, without any negative effects.

3. More than ten kinds of colors and colors can be freely matched, novel and beautiful. The course is of a high grade.

4. The construction is simple and quick: the floor is connected by a lock, and no glue or nail is needed. Usually, a four-person can complete a standard basketball court paving or lift in less than three hours. Usually, the outdoor maintenance can be washed only with water, and the mop is cleaned indoors to achieve zero-cost maintenance.

5. Green and environmentally friendly materials: This product is made of food-grade environmentally friendly material polypropylene (PP). It is non-toxic, odorless, waterproof and moisture-resistant, non-parasitic bacteria, non-volatile, free of heavy metal components, green, safe and hygienic;

6. Healthy exercise: unique patented design (bottom support column support, arched drain groove, interlocking connection on the edge) for vertical shock absorption and energy return, and lateral buffering function to prevent sprain, bruise and pull Injury and other sports injuries, effectively protect the health of the spine;

7. Sports comfort: The latest wear layer design makes the soles tightly close to the ground, non-slip and can transmit strong sports power as desired. The surface layer of the interlocking wood indoor sport flooring basketball court is specially treated to match the brightness of the light, and it is not reflective and glare, which can better protect the athlete's eyes and is not easy to cause fatigue. Low heat reflection, no sweat absorption, no moisture, no residual odor;

8. Long service life and wide area: The polypropylene (PP) material used in this product is high-strength material, and high-strength modified polypropylene with anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-oxidation, and cold resistance formula is added to make the product resistant. Pressure, impact resistance, high temperature, and low temperature, long service life and so on. It can be used normally under the temperature of -30°C-70°C, and it has high weather resistance. It is not afraid of sun and rain, cold and snow, never warping and peeling deformation. There is no climate restriction, and there is no water accumulation after the rain;

9. Excellent sports performance: the ball rebound rate is 97%, the sliding friction coefficient is 0.59, the rolling load is 2500N or more, and the vertical deformation is 3.0mm.

10. Restrictions on use: all-weather use, no climate, geographical restrictions, indoor and outdoor use;

11. With good mobile performance, it can be disassembled and assembled many times, which can meet the requirements of undertaking large-scale high-level competitions well;

12. Polypropylene materials can be recycled and reused for several years. They are good materials for making plastic chairs, plastic basins, and plastic drums.