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What is the cause of the plastic floor arching and how to avoid it?

What is the cause of the plastic floor arching? How to avoid?

For any floor, it’s really hard to prevent it from arching. Originally, the floor was used to protect the ground to increase the appearance of anti-skid and anti-fall. This raised edge ground is also not protected. If the indoor tennis court interlocking mat is attached to the tile, it will be dirty quickly, and the dirt will be caught in the seam of the warped edge. Not to mention the beauty, the board and the board after the tilting The connection between the two cannot be connected, the assembled graphics are affected by the beauty; the performance of anti-skid anti-skid is also affected, will not be tripped if not slipped. So what is the cause of the floor curling?
Sports floor manufacturers solve the problem of curling

Under normal circumstances, if there is a problem with the product, people will first think of it as a product quality problem. For example, the problem of the particularly common PVC plastic floor curling edge, in fact, the cause of the curling edge is not necessarily the product quality problem. However, occasionally the problem of the floor can make people worry.

First of all, in terms of quality, the main cause of floor warping is that the structural stability of PVC plastic floor products is very poor, and the temperature of alternating cold and hot will be prone to shrinkage or expansion, and thus the phenomenon of warping occurs.

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In addition, during the construction process, construction materials may also cause the front of the floor to appear. When PVC plastic flooring is laid, its accessories are mainly latex, double-sided adhesive and so on. If high-quality glue is used, the adhesion between the floor and the floor is very strong. Waterproof performance is also good, but if it is inferior glue, the floor, and the ground will not stick firmly, and the waterproof performance is not good, so it will cause the floor to be warped.

Then, the quality of the construction is also a key point that causes the floor to be warped. During the construction process, the unprofessional construction does not consider the ambient temperature and the ground foundation. The quality of the construction is not high, so the floor will be warped in the later stage.

Finally, whether cleaning and maintenance are in place and whether it is soaked in water for a long time is also a key point that causes the floor to be warped. The reason for the above-mentioned PVC plastic floor is also really a headache, but now the emergence of interlock commercial basketball court surface has solved this problem perfectly. The suspended assembled floor will not be like the PVC plastic floor because of the thermal expansion and contraction. The installation is convenient and quick, easy to install and easy to change, it will not be warped due to the laying problem, and it can also provide good anti-skid and shock absorption. The function of the basketball court is to find out the advantages of his ball resilience and speed, as well as his excellent athletic performance. If you have not installed the suspended floor products, and do not want to have the above-mentioned floor curling after installation, then choose Shenzhen Anchi Sports' suspended floor products, trustworthy quality, good industry reputation, and assured after-sales service. Keep you away from all kinds of quality construction problems.