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What are the nine technical indicators of suspended assembling sports flooring materials?

Due to the high-cost performance of the suspension assembling sports floor, the surface wears resistance, impact resistance and water resistance are good, it is not suitable for deformation, and the paving is convenient. The suspended floor has entered thousands of households and many common places and has become an outdoor sports ground material. Leader of a group. Floor users have long focused on the standards and quality of removable outdoor volleyball court flooring.

SC-ZSfloor answers the technical parameters of the suspended assembled sports floor and various indicators:

1. Quantification of formaldehyde release:

The most important thing is the amount of formaldehyde released on the sports floor. The formaldehyde in the sports floor is produced from the urea substrate adhesive on the floor substrate MDF and particle board. Formaldehyde poses a serious hazard to human health, and it is easy to directly constitute slow respiratory and hematopoietic diseases, slow poisoning, cancer, skin diseases, and physique which may lead to the decline of vulnerable groups.

The new standard adds E0 grade (≤0.5mg/L) based on the original formaldehyde release quantitative E1 grade (≤1.5mg/L), which is divided into two categories, namely E0 grade and E1 grade. It fully reflects the country's focus on human health.

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Second, surface wear:

The surface wear resistance is the wear resistance of the floor, which is marked by the number of revolutions that wear to the point where the decoration markings are damaged. The practical application indicates that the wear resistance of the surface is ≥4000 rpm, which can also meet the application needs of certain places. On the basis of the old standard surface wear-resistant household grade ≥ 6000 rpm; commercial grade ≥ 9000 rpm, the surface wear-resistant household class II ≥ 4000 rpm is added, so that the wear surface of the sports floor surface is increased from the original two parameters to three parameters. , that is, household I, household II, commercial.

In order to ensure the uniformity of the surface wear-resistant abrasive cloth and the accuracy of the end discrimination, the content of the sand cloth correction and the end of inspection is improved.

If the raw materials and production technology are not properly selected, the surface of the prefabricated futsal court will simply change color during the application process, which seriously affects the appearance quality, and the consumers reflect the violent.

The project has been added to the new standard, and the required colorfastness to light ≥ gray card level 4.

Fourth, water absorption thickness expansion rate:

The water absorption thickness expansion ratio is the ratio of the thickness increase of the test piece after water absorption to the thickness before water absorption. The policy has a strong correlation with product deformation and service life. The new standard adopts a better inspection method for the simulation products after water absorption, and the required water absorption thickness expansion rate is ≤18%.

Five, static bending strength:

The static bending strength is the ratio of the bending moment to the bending section modulus at the maximum load. Since the interlocking flooring volleyball court covering technology is generally suspended, the demand for static bending strength is not very high. The new standard is adjusted from the old standard to the two guidelines|: superior products, first-class products ≥40MPa, qualified products ≥30MPa, and adjusted to a policy. That is, the static bending strength is ≥ 35 MPa.

Sixth, the surface is resistant to cracks:

The surface crack resistance refers to whether cracks occur after the surface decoration layer of the test piece is treated at 70 ° C for 24 hours. The old standard is divided into two levels, one level, and two levels. According to the proof of many years of inspection results, generally can reach level 0, the new standard is adjusted to a policy, that is, the surface cracks resistance demand reaches 0 levels (experience with six times magnifying glass after the experiment) No crack on the surface).

Seven, anti-shock:

The impact resistance is the impact of the ball on the surface of the test piece to determine the impact resistance of the product. The old standard is divided into two principles: excellent products ≤ 9mm, first-class products, qualified products ≤ 12mm, according to many years of inspection results, most products can reach below 9mm, the new standard is adjusted to a policy, that is, impact resistance ≤ 10mm.

Eight, standard stability:

Standard stability is a standard change in the balance of the product at 23 ° C under different humidity conditions. In order to be in line with the international standard EN13329-2000, the stability of the old standard rule standard is ≤0.5mm, and the new standard is adjusted to ≤0.9mm.

Nine, surface water vapor resistance:

The new standard eliminates this specification based on the fact that the surface of the moving floor is generally not exposed to water vapor during use.

The implementation of the new standard fully considers the actual situation of the domestic production technology level, is scientific and operable, meets the public demand for environmental protection and use of products, and makes consumers easy and clear by understanding the quality requirements of products. The cost.