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What are the functions and applications of the surface of the suspended assembled floor surface?

When you are exercising, the soles of your feet slip and then you fall, and you may get hurt! The world is wonderful, and our knowledge is particularly scarce. Friction is a physical characteristic. Many tools improve the characteristics of the tool in order to increase the friction with the ground. For example, the texture of the tires and the interlocking elastic knight sport flooring for sports will change the texture to increase the functional characteristics!
Each type of plaque has a unique function. The SC-ZSfloor sports floor material introduces the difference between the surface texture or the texture design of the suspended floor.

Checkered pattern: Suspended assembled floor plaid road is suitable for assembling the floor of the car and temporary activities. The floor is made of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly high-quality polypropylene copolymer material. It is different from the general suspended floor in that it is a thickened widened suspended floor, which provides a good solid structure and has the ability to carry more than 4 tons of vehicle. At the same time, the large lattice surface texture + jetty friction surface design, the friction resistance is more outstanding. The beam-supported bottom plate of the ribs provides good support and cushioning, and the drainage is super strong. In particular, the connection structure of the product adopts the uniquely developed quick buckle splicing method, the design is reasonable, the connection is firmer, the convenience and high efficiency of the paving site are ensured, and the overall paving effect is more atmospheric and beautiful. The repeated disassembly and assembly of the temporary paving site can be realized, and the use cost is greatly reduced.

commercial interlocking volleyball court flooring

2, the word line: the suspension of the assembled floor from the appearance of the classic products of the word line suspended floor, this floor has a high-cost performance and industry reputation has been deep into the heart of mass consumption, excellent quality, cheap and gorgeous win. Its unique reinforced buckle and foot design avoid thermal expansion and contraction of the site, ensuring strong floor stability and comfortable foot feel.

3, flat grain: flat grain can generally support the five-a-side football field for good products, enhanced surface treatment, sturdy and durable, excellent impact and anti-indentation performance, unique round cross complementary bottom support system, providing a strong floor The supporting force, the reinforced locking system, is tightly connected to each piece of the synthesis elastic knight sport flooring, and is easily handled by running, emergency stop, etc.

So different table textures or textures have different motion functions. It also focuses on specific application areas and venues, such as schools, kindergartens, nursery venues, family rooms, playgrounds, small runways, small lawns, dance rooms, etc. Aged activity center, nursing home corridor, family bathroom, bathroom, and balcony. Entertainment venues, stage, and wellness facilities. Stations, docks, airports, splints, offices, office corridors. Non-slip roads such as sidewalks, underground passages, and overpasses. Park fitness equipment venues, special culture, sports squares, fountains, golf course passages, etc.