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Three Tips For Sports Flooring


1, the suspension material is very important: for a good suspension floor, made of what material, is very important. At present, the common suspended floor is made of PP polyester plastic. It is a relatively good material. And some inferior counterfeit suspended floor manufacturers, in order to expand their own efficiency, with some materials containing free formaldehyde, environmentally-friendly materials, shoddy, expired consumers. It has brought tremendous harm to everyone. Therefore, when you choose to suspend the floor, it is very helpful to look at the floor decoration materials and accessories.

prefabricated interlocking running track

2, cannot always take into account the price: there are many friends, in order to maximize the cost, with some low-cost, quality materials as a high-quality suspended floor. These materials cannot meet the high quality suspended floor in terms of stability, wear resistance and surface oxidation. Exposure to the sun for a long time makes it easy to age the floor and the hardness is naturally reduced. Therefore, we choose to consider it comprehensively and we must not take into account the price.

3, after-sales service is very important: some of the suspension floor manufacturers on the market today, the after-sales warranty, the maintenance period is very long, commitment to 15 years, 30 years or even lifetime warranty. In fact, this should be based on user habits, maintenance techniques, etc. Not all suspended floors can be used for these years. All, in the after-sales, we must ensure the comprehensive strength of the manufacturer, it is recommended to choose a floor manufacturer with qualification, good production capacity, and high credibility.