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Three mistakes in buying sports flooring

Some customers are not very familiar with the badminton plastic floor. It is easy to enter the blind pursuit when buying. The so-called blind pursuit means not knowing how to determine the inferior quality of the badminton floor, but taking other surface methods to identify the badminton floor. Value, then, what are the most misunderstandings that consumers are likely to enter? Next, SC-zsfloor floorlet will answer you one by one.

First, the price misunderstanding:

1. High price misunderstanding: Many consumers use the price level to measure the pros and cons of badminton outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking. The most expensive one is the best quality badminton floor. Indeed, this is an optional standard, but the premise is that the badminton floor you buy is best brand badminton floor. There are two reasons: the quality of the brand badminton floor is relatively guaranteed, and the price of the brand badminton floor is uniform. Buying branded badminton plastic flooring can be said to be a really good value for money. For example, the badminton plastic floor produced by Shenzhen SC-zsfloor Industrial Co., Ltd. is uniform in price, reliable in quality and guaranteed. If you encounter an informal business, the ordinary badminton floor may also have a sky-high price. If you think that the high-priced badminton floor is a good badminton plastic floor, consumers will be fooled. Some badminton plastic flooring, the materials used are the same, but the production process is somewhat different. For example, some badminton PVC plastic flooring has more colors, which is more troublesome in design and production. Therefore, the price may be more expensive than the simple and simple badminton floor. But it does not mean that the badminton plastic floor of a slightly lower price is a poor quality badminton floor.
2, low-cost misunderstanding: Some consumers buy cheap badminton floor when buying badminton floor, the consumer's "make-up" mentality is easy to cause indoor pollution. Inferior badminton floor has high formaldehyde content, strong irritating odor, long release time and great damage to the body. Health is the first, so it is recommended that consumers would rather spend more money to buy a reassurance, and do not buy low-quality inferior badminton floors.

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Second, the thickness of the misunderstanding:

The thickness of the same kind of badminton floor is different. The specifications of the badminton plastic floor of PVC Sports Flooring Company are 3.5-8mm, the raw materials are the same, the production process is the same, and the quality is also excellent. It is not that the thicker the badminton floor, the better the quality. According to the needs of customers, it is best for you to buy a badminton floor with the most suitable thickness.

Third, environmental misunderstanding:

Many consumers know that today's society advocates environmentally friendly, low-carbon, energy-saving resources, but if consumers are asked to explain these terms specifically, the concept is very vague. So how do you judge whether prefabricated futsal court is really environmentally friendly? It should be considered in many aspects: one is to make badminton plastic floor materials, the other is to use the auxiliary materials used in the process of making badminton flooring, (these can go to the national inspection department for inspection), and the third is the degree of environmental impact of the badminton sports floor during use. . Inferior quality, not waterproof, moisture-proof, easy to breed bacteria; poor fire retardant ability, easy to cause fire. Therefore, when customers purchase badminton floors, don't just listen to the words of the salesperson. The certificate and the effect are the best proof.