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The Origin and Origin of Suspended Assembling Sports Floor

The suspended assembled sports floor originated in the United States in 1974. As its name suggests, its main features are: "floating" and "assembling." At first, it was used as a building material for leisure places to enter people's lives. Later, with the wide application and love of sports, people hope that this material can also be used in sports venues. Through the unremitting efforts of experts, continuous improvement in product design and material formulation, the performance of the product can finally meet the requirements of sports. It is widely used in Europe and the United States. There are more than 100,000 sites in the world that use this outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking. It has also been in cooperation with the NBA for 30 years. Due to the convenient installation and excellent performance, many NBA players use this floor in their private training courses.
In 2002, the suspension construction floor of the American sport court company entered China in a noble way and was also laid in many high-end sports places in China. But its high price is still prohibitive for those who love it. With the continuous improvement of the domestic industrial level, domestic manufacturers have launched this kind of floor. At the same time occupying the market at a lower price, product quality is constantly improving and breaking through.

Suspended assembled sports flooring is currently the most cost-effective among similar products. The investment in this product is low (basically no need to re-do the basics). The maintenance cost is low, and the high grade is the best choice for all kinds of sports venues. It has a service life of up to 10 years and does not fade or deform. The use of lacquer for site marking: special coating for polypropylene surface layer, does not fall off, has good moving performance, can be used for multiple disassembly and assembly, can better meet the requirements of large-scale high-level competition. It adopts environmentally friendly material polypropylene (PP), which is non-toxic, odorless, waterproof, moisture-resistant, non-parasitic bacteria, green and environmentally friendly. PP material is a food-grade material, safe and hygienic. As a new type of floor material, it is used and used by more and more sports enthusiasts and venue decoration design companies.

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Because the floating assembled floor was not originally invented by Chinese companies, the current situation is that in the 1970s, some public leisure places in the United States have such a space-based design on the ground plate because of its flexibility. So, when I entered China, it was called suspension. Of course, this is not a random suspension. Because this product originally gave people a feeling of suspension, the prefabricated futsal court is actually worthy of the name. The topic of the floating assembly floor is officially launched. With the deepening of reform and opening up, in recent years, China's industrial technology has made rapid progress. Technology itself is serving people's lives. Just like the invention of washing machines is to facilitate people to clean clothes, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. Time, along with the increasing quality of life in technology and people's living standards, the products that are close to life are gradually being promoted, and people's desire for health is also growing stronger. Therefore, the establishment of stadiums everywhere is like springing up. The sports products of the assembled floor have also developed rapidly with the rapid development of society. Companies like ours focused on a suspended floor are gradually improving and developing in the continuous progress of society. In recent years, the suspension assembly floor has made great progress in design improvement, and quality products are constantly emerging. ZS-FLOOR floor, with a heart to achieve quality.