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Suspension sports flooring suitable for:

The sports floor should be comfortable with the foot on it, the external temperature is often suitable for the human body, and it meets the ergonomic requirements. A slightly softer floor can provide a great cushioning effect for children's accidental fall to reduce the damage caused by falling. Together, it can also absorb the impact of falling fragile items on the ground.

Environmental requirements for the purchase of sports flooring:

1 Long-term beautiful, the customized synthesis indoor tennis court tiles are beautiful and rich, full of childlike fun, talents are very popular with children. The various cartoon patterns on the outside are processed by special techniques, which are not afraid of scratching and are timeless.

customizable prefabricated interlocking running track

2 Healthy and clean, the floor is made of environmentally-friendly materials, which fundamentally eliminates the harm of children from formaldehyde and various radioactive substances.

3 The exterior of the floor is generally treated with a special UV layer that is only used on the surface of the laboratory floor. It is anti-fouling, bactericidal, anti-static, and non-dusting and the surface is easy to clean. Even if the child crawls on the ground, the skin does not need to worry too much about the ground.

4 Quiet and energy-saving, the unique structure of the detachable portable volleyball court mat makes it an excellent noise reduction and noise reduction material. When the children play, they can reduce the noise of the footsteps, reduce the noise of heavy objects moving, absorb the sound of air conduction, and give the kindergarten a peaceful education environment.

5 Poor thermal conductivity can effectively improve the power of power, energy saving, and can reduce the cost of later use.