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Suspension design features and advantages of matte suspension assembled sports flooring

Suspended design of matte suspension assembled sports flooring:

No other product has solved such an important problem for procurement futsal court in such a clever way - vertical buffering, 676 dense support points are evenly distributed under the bottom of the whole floor according to certain rules, third-degree arch The optimal load-bearing structure in the engineering mechanics formed by the joint structure transmits a large local impact to 676 dense support points, forming an elastic matrix that mitigates the impact on the knee, ankle, back and cervical joints of the athlete. The best protection is formed. Reduce the impact of athletes' joints, delay muscle fatigue and avoid accidental impact injuries. What is even rarer is that, without being shocked, it does not look as soft as imagined, but has the good elasticity and support that a professional floor should have. A heavy basketball hoop is placed on it. It will lead to slight deformation, and the bouncing support for the ball also meets the requirements of professional competitions, rather than feeling the lack of elasticity like plastic materials. All of this was done before, only professional wood flooring can be done, of course, through the extremely complicated keel structure and extremely strict installation procedures.

removable elastic double tier sport flooring

Structural cushioning of matte suspension assembled sports floor: The lock-type connection creates space for the design, and strict interlocking between each floor ensures the gap between each block, ensuring the best Under the premise of traction, the lower limb injuries caused by the powerful horizontal impact generated by the athlete's intense exercise are eliminated.

Self-draining, sand-discharging structure: The design of dense mesh arrangement allows water and sand to leak unimpeded to the underside of the floor surface and through the gap between the lower legs to the outside sink of the site. In the rainy weather, there is no need to interrupt the movement. Even in heavy rain, the height of the floor 13mm from the ground ensures that the rain will be drained quickly. This kind of design is like the spirit of fighting that human beings never stop. It can make our movements no longer affected by any weather and climate, and enjoy the same sports in the raging weather. This has a particularly practical and special significance for many time-honored sports events and school teaching activities.

Advantage analysis of matte suspension assembled floor

Excellent performance of suspended assembled flooring: For sports venues, if you can not provide high-performance sports performance, it will undoubtedly make the athletes boring. The suspended assembled floor can meet the six basic indicators of prefabricated futsal court, and almost achieve perfect sports performance. From the highest level of international competitions to the school's wide range of sports and leisure facilities, the suspended assembled floor provides safe, high-performance floor materials that give athletes a full advantage of technology.

The suspension assembly floor is easy to install and disassemble, and the installation does not require the use of adhesive. The multi-site installation process is a helpless pain, and the installer has to endure the smell of the adhesive that is harmful to the human body. In the hot summer, these smells will become more unbearable. Even after a period of installation of the site, the smell will last for a long time, and the athletes will suffer this kind of torture.