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Suspended Interlocking Flooring– Best Sports Surface Material

For those who love basketball, having a good sports court can give you a more pleasant feeling. The previous basketball court was very simple, just a pit of cement with a lot of sand. Now, with the advancement of society, suspended interlocking flooring is widely used in basketball courts.

Suspended floor is also called modular interlocking sports floor. It is the fourth-generation sports surface. It is made of modified polypropylene (PP) for a fully soft configuration of the court. Comfortable, slip-resistant, wear-resistant, impact-resistant, provide superior safety protection for athletes.


Polypropylene (PP) is food grade material, safe and hygienic, odorless, free of heavy metal components, non-volatile, water-proof, non-bacterial, recyclable, environmentally friendly, completely safe to use.


There is no need to be glued during the installation process, and can be assembled directly. When cleaning, it only needs to be rinsed with water. The sewage will be discharged along the drain outlet at the bottom of the floor, and will not form silt. No worry about cleaning will affect the use. Almost no maintenance cost.

3. Performances

The suspended floor is not only paved on the basketball court, but also suitable for other courts, such as tennis, volleyball, gymnasium, kindergarten, entertainment plaza, parks and other places. The suspended floor provides large impact absorption with its own suspension structure to help athletes to play better.

4.All weather condition

The unique hollow mesh pattern is combined with the bottom plate of the groove structure to form a natural self-draining system, which is not affected by the rain and snow weather; the high-quality suspended floor can withstand-40~70 degrees. You can play on courts all the day.


The suspended floor is rich in color, complete in texture and color, and can be freely assembled and designed according to the characteristics of the site and customers' preferences. The aesthetically pleasing appearance and idealized sports experience can arouse the instinctive sports interest of the experiencer.

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