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Sports flooring is created for sports, while SC-zsfloor suspended flooring manufacturers are born for sports flooring.

Proper maintenance and maintenance can make suspended floors last longer

Many people don't know about indoor sport surface basketball court interlocking, and mistakenly think that if they can be used outdoors, they don't need too much maintenance. In fact, no matter how good the floor is, it will accelerate the aging and even damage it directly. What is the correct maintenance method for suspended assembled plastic flooring? What to pay attention to, SC-zsfloor Xiaobian to share with you the following four points:

1, do not wear nailed sneakers and high heels

Sharp objects are seriously damaged by the movement of the assembled suspended sports floor because the raw material of the sports floor is polypropylene PP, which is also classified into plastics. Sharp objects must have scratches on the plastic, and long-term damage may even cause the floor to be scrapped. Therefore, do not wear nailed sneakers and high heels into the suspended sports floor, so as not to damage the floor.
2. Clear snow in time after snow

Although the suspended sports floor has good weather resistance, it is not afraid of high temperature, rain, humidity, cold and snow, never warping and peeling deformation. However, if the snow does not clear the snow in the floor gap in time, the melting of the snow will make the temperature of the floor lower than the ground temperature. If the temperature is too low for a long time, it will affect the service life of the sports floor.

interlocking pp backyard basketball court tiles

3, commonly used water rinse to keep clean

Routine cleaning can be done with water. Because of the arrangement of the mesh holes, water and sand can be leaked unimpeded to the underside of the floor surface and discharged into the outer water tank of the site through the gap between the lower legs. This will keep the floor clean.
4. Do not spill corrosive liquid such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid on the floor.

The suspended floor is also a kind of plastic sports floor. Like other sports plastic floors, corrosive liquids such as hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid can corrode them. Therefore, when cleaning the floor, remember not to use corrosive liquids. If you encounter stubborn stains, clean it with a mild detergent solution.

For the sports floor, many people use the indoor sport surface interlocking tiles to build the course for outdoor use because of its superior durability. Nowadays basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, indoor soccer stadiums, etc. can be common to the suspended assembly floor.