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Several tips for sports floor care to remove stains

Sports flooring company can help you deal with stain removal tips:

1. Rotating the floor mat at the entrance such as the door to remove the sole gravel, which can reduce the damage to the detachable elastic knight sport flooring;

2. Use a neutral detergent to clean the surface with a semi-dry mop (dropping glue can be removed with 95% alcohol);

3, every day should be cleaned on the ground, and use a damp mop to organize the suspension assembly sports floor appearance;

4, should avoid direct glare, avoid ultraviolet rays, to avoid discoloration and fading of the suspended assembly sports flooring.

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Suspended assembly sports floor decontamination small tricks:

The best time to decontaminate the suspended assembly sports floor is to wipe it off with a rag before the stain is dry, then wash the floor with water. The pollution situation is closely related to the composition and color of the stain and is also related to the temperature at that time. The general guidelines are:

a. Scrape the stain mixture with a spatula. Remember to use a sharp sharpener to avoid scratching the surface of the suspended assembly sports floor.

b. First use a rag to blot the stains, and then carry out the following finishing operations to avoid stains.

c. The order of cleaning the synthesis elastic knight sport flooring smudges should be from the outside to the inside, rinse with a water-absorbing sponge block, do not use hot water.