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Seven Benefits Of Using A Sports Floor


Why do many sports venues, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, handball courts, badminton courts, and table tennis venues, use more and more floor-mounted sports flooring, especially in outdoor sports fields.

Sc-Zsfloor flooring manufacturers have summarized the following seven reasons:

1. Resolve the phenomenon of foaming, bulging and seaming in the short-term ground of the ground due to improper treatment of foundation moisture and expansion joints.

2. Solve the problem of not being able to construct or rework due to climatic reasons.

3. Solve the problem that the construction time is too long or cannot be used immediately after construction.

4. Solve the problem that must be completed by professional construction personnel. Ordinary non-professional technicians can complete the construction independently and quickly after a short training.

5. Solve the problem of mobility that is not possible with most other floors and the multi-purpose of one site.

6. Solve the problem that the old floor that other floors cannot be realized can be recycled and reused.

Solve the problem that the ultra-high temperature or ultra-low temperature that other floors can't solve temporarily does not deform and age and fade.

customized portable backyard court basketball sport flooring

What are the special features of the common floor in kindergartens and sports venues?
Nowadays, kindergartens, schools, various preschool education institutions, and various sports venues use the assembled floor as the preferred floor material. What are the special features of the common suspended-assembled floor:

Antibacterial property: The assembled floor itself has the natural characteristics of not easily growing bacteria. After antibacterial treatment and anti-pollution treatment on the surface, a fungicide, such as iodine, is added to it to enhance the bactericidal effect and anti-pollution effect, and various microorganisms. It is difficult to grow on its surface, such as mold, white Candida, algae, Mucor, etc., in line with the high requirements for antibacterial requirements in public places such as hospitals and Gmp workshops.

Anti-slip property: Under the partial pressure, the assembled floor will produce instantaneous elastic deformation and increase the friction coefficient of the floor. It is not easy to slip when walking. The surface of the hard ground material is hard and smooth, and its friction coefficient u is only 1/3 of Pvc, and it is easier to slip when walking.

Noise-proof: The elastic assembled floor has anti-noise effect. When people and carts pass, the noise can be reduced by 10-15 decibels compared with the hard ground under the same conditions.

Comfort: Assemble the floor and feel close to the carpet, it is quite comfortable; while walking on the hard material, the foot feels bad, it is easy to walk for a long time and hurt the foot bone.