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Indoor Sport Surface

Interlocking indoor sport surface has excellent convenience and stability, which is perfectly designed for indoor use. The innovative in the spirit of the back side elastic cushions come from the wooden court keel, which provides excellent shock absorptions performance. Smooth but anti-slip surface feels much like professional hardwood surface. New lock system design avoids deforming and cracking over expansion and contraction caused by temperature. Green and environment-friendly. Easy to install and Minimal maintenance. Removable synthesis indoor sport surface is the optimal choice for sports flooring.

Indoor Sport Surface is a high-end product, which is especially used for an indoor professional sports court.

Inspired by NBA wood flooring, indoor sport surface interlocking tiles have a smooth and flat surface just like wood flooring. It is not easy to get dirty, and easier to clean, what’s more, this flat surface has a function of providing better friction performance for indoor sports. Other than this, indoor sport surface basketball court interlocking is hard to ensure the ball bounce rate can reach up to 97%, which meets the requirements of a professional tournament. As we know, safety is the first when playing sports games. Actually, the shock absorption plays a very important part of safety especially when intense sport games. Similarly, on the backside of PP mat, there are many elastic cushions, they are flexible so that they can reduce the impact on joints and limbs to realize an awesome shock absorption which provides better sports experience for players. One of our patent design called Thermal Expansion System, that means 8 group resilience arms and elastic pillars are added to prevent the court from bulging caused by the rise in temperature. Relatively, we also design the Cold Shrinkage System, which is consisted of 8 sets of elastic sheets and lateral post to prevent the court from cracks caused by temperature reduction. When you hold the interlocking indoor sport surface, you will find it is a little heavy, that is because there are 8 pieces of high-density blocks, named inner Weight-gain Sheet. This patent design can gain the tile’s weight in order to improve the court adhesion on the playground. Moreover, to enhance the bearing capacity of detachable indoor sport surface, The back sheet has a triangle structure, which is the most stable structure to make it more stable and stronger. These are some basic and vital designs to ensure indoor sport surface has similar performance with wood flooring. Unlike the high maintenance cost of wood flooring, indoor sport surface needs no maintenance at all. With competitive price, detachable indoor sport surface can be said to be the perfect substitute for wooden flooring.

The raw material of removable synthesis indoor sport surface is Polypropylene, which is green, healthy, totally no smell, non-toxic. It is an absolute environmentally friendly product. Indoor sport surface interlocking tiles is also a modular flooring, it has some advantages like our other interlocking sports flooring. It is convenient to install, you just need to connect them one by one and laid them on the indoor floor. Due to the wear resistance and good chemical stability of PP materials, PP mat has a long service time, it’s lifespan is generally 10 to 15 years. And we provide a warranty of 10 years that some other manufacturers can't reach. Now more and more people from the USA, Australia, and some European countries, choose PP mat for their professional indoor sport courts. PP mat now is widely used for various sports courts like a basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, futsal court etc.

Indoor sport surface advantage

indoor sport surface advantage

1. Size: 301mm*301mm*19.6mm
2. Weight: 449g/PCS±10g
3. Ball Rebound: ≥95%
4. Material: 100% recyclable PP and odorless.
5. Long Service Life: 10 years.
6. Installation: Easy to install, no need adhesive.
7. Maintenance: Free maintenance.
8. Tepreture: -40℃-80℃.
9. Multi-purpose and colorful appearance.

Indoor sport surface basketball court interlocking is the most popular indoor sports flooring tiles and kindergarten flooring. Indoor Elastic Flat PP Mat could be used for the indoor basketball court, futsal court, volleyball court, tennis court, badminton court, multi-use court and so on. Many kindergartens also use these tiles as indoor playground flooring for kids.

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