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Quality Discrimination and Influencing Factors of Suspended Assembled Floor Products

There are many manufacturers of suspended assembled floor, how to choose, how to judge the quality of the product, which factors will affect its quality, the following sc-zsfloor shares with you the following five small details:

1, weather resistance
The weather resistance of the detachable elastic knight sport flooring mainly depends on the quality of raw materials such as toner, color masterbatch, and additives. Aobaolong suspension assembled floor adopts imported toner, and the color masterbatch and additives are independently produced and added. The quality of the assembled floor can be controlled from the source, and the assembled floor laboratory is specially set up to carry out the professional aging test and fading test. We can guarantee the quality of more than 5 years, and ensure that the floor color has no obvious fading within 3 years.
2, environmental protection
Nowadays, health and environmental protection have become the topic of most concern. Exercise, of course, requires a healthy environment to protect, so environmental protection has become a key factor affecting the quality of assembled flooring. The sc-floor detachable outdoor sport court tiles are tested by the National Sports Goods Supervision and Inspection Center, and it is strictly controlled from the selection of raw materials and the production process of the floor to meet food-grade standards.

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3. Production process
The assembly floor production process is single-point injection molding and multi-point injection molding. Due to the early production conditions, most assembly floor manufacturers used multi-point injection molding before 2012. After 2012, with the improvement of production technology, more By adopting multi-point injection molding, we can ensure that the color of the whole board is uniform, and the one-time pressing of the board is not easy to cause partial breakage and discoloration.

4, impact strength
The quality of the material directly affects the impact of strength and toughness of the product. Aobaolong's products use 100% polypropylene, no added regrind, and we can guarantee zero addition of calcium powder on the detachable elastic knight sport flooring. Nowadays, the weight of many suspended assembled floors on the market is relatively large, but the proportion of added calcium powder is large. Adding too much calcium powder will reduce the impact strength of the floor, increase the hardness of the floor, and the color is obviously white and severely weakened. The sporting performance of the assembled floor.
5, product structure
Whether the structural design of the wholesale double tier sport flooring is scientific and reasonable, not only affects the quality of the product, but also directly affects the experience of the product. Whether the product has been smoothed, buckled and reinforced, and the overall ladder design is important factors affecting the structure of the assembled flooring.