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PVC Sports Flooring Manufacturers Plagiarize Serious Original Design Is Productivity

The domestic PVC sports flooring manufacturers' products are imitated and lightly designed and have almost become an open secret. Ten years ago, the rapid development of the real estate industry stimulated unprecedented market demand. PVC sports flooring manufacturers have grown stronger along with the development of the decoration and decoration industry. PVC sports flooring products have gradually entered the field of ordinary people. PVC sports flooring has moved from pure engineering sales to “engineering + retail”. As a result, interlock intelligent creation of sports flooring manufacturers has also entered the spring of booming development. The huge market cake of PVC sports flooring has attracted many latecomers to PVC sports flooring. Some large-scale furniture, door industry, and investment companies have also begun to enter the PVC sports flooring market, which will inevitably encounter “copying and copying”. problem. Therefore, under the temptation of huge interests, many small and medium-sized PVC sports flooring companies have abandoned the traditional model of “R&D-production-sales”, but adopted a shortcut way – “production-sales”. Because research and development of a new product require a long time period and cost, and there is a certain market risk, SC-ZSfloor sports flooring manufacturers, may be called a good seat. The PVC sports flooring business owners have obtained the styles of some foreign plastics sold through some channels, and imitating the production, which is more cost-effective, and are being followed.

Design is productivity

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Design changes life, design changes a business. Apple (APPLE), a high-end brand that attracts worldwide attention, whether it is a laptop or a mobile phone, has its market success because of its advanced design concept and superior design team. In contrast, the domestic PVC sports flooring industry, the product designer position of many small and medium PVC sports flooring companies is not important, and its working time is completely occupied by other work and has nothing to do with PVC sports floor design, this can not be said to be sad. Much interlocking intelligent creation of sports flooring companies are also aware of the importance of original design. However, in actual work, they are forced to give up their own design by the pressure of market sales and operating costs. The reason is that the lack of PVC sports floor design talents is also an important factor. The industrial design and interior design talents cultivated by the school do not understand the status quo of the PVC sports flooring industry. They do not understand the profound cultural foundation that the PVC sports flooring can carry. Without understanding the actual situation of the enterprise, it is difficult to design a satisfactory product. To change the phenomenon of “re-sale, light design”, “re-imitation, light originality” of PVC sports flooring enterprises, the boss of PVC sports flooring manufacturers must establish a view of “design to promote productivity”, and Strong support for staffing, giving designers enough room for development, comprehensive support from positions, treatment, and work environment; or adopting a model of cooperation with brand design companies to develop PVC sports flooring products with independent intellectual property rights. .

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The imitation and plagiarism of outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking products objectively promote the rapid development of the industry to a certain extent and meets the ever-expanding consumer demand of customers. However, in the long run, it is not conducive to enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, but also is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry, and is not conducive to the diversified needs of the people. It can be said that "there are many evils and only one benefit." Simply imitating plagiarism is tantamount to drinking and quenching thirst. With the increasing number of PVC sports flooring brands on the market and increasing competition, consumers will have more and more choices, and the continuous improvement of consumer awareness and aesthetic standards will make those who have no personality and quality. Inferior PVC sports flooring products are unattended. PVC sports flooring manufacturers who have long been accustomed to imitating, once encountered market resistance, will be at a loss, or will lead to "Waterloo."