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Prefabricated Interlocking Running Track

Removable synthesis prefabricated interlocking running track is specially designed for the outdoor running track. Wind and stealing proof are added as new functions. Patented lock system design avoids deforming and cracking over expansion and contraction caused by temperature. Coarse grain surface to realize excellent anti-slip performance. With plenty of support legs on the back, it rapidly and evenly decomposes the surface pressure. Patents include elastic cushions and upgraded Safety Guard tools to realize good shock absorption and anti-slip performance. Easy to install and minimal maintenance. The customizable interlocking running track is totally a new revolution of running track.

Professional Elastic Cushions for running tack, which is one of our best products. Nowadays more and more people are willing to make the runway practical and looking wonderful. In order to satisfy the pursuit for the runway of all

The commercial prefabricated interlocking running track is one of our best products for running. Nowadays more and more people are willing to make the runway both practical and wonderful. In order to satisfy the pursuit for the runway of all kinds of people, we have made a lot of efforts to improve our products in supporting system, strengthening system, thermal expansion system, cold shrinkage system, and safety system. For example,93 backside column for high-intensity exercise constitutes a supporting system, and 113 sets of ribs constitute a strengthening system. It has a function of reducing the vertical deformation of the floor so that prefabricated interlocking running track can have a strengthen and load- bearing ability. Thermal expansion system, cold shrinkage system are very important structure specifically for interlocking sports flooring. These systems can effectively guarantee the use of the running track. The two biggest problems of the general customizable interlocking running track are bulging or cracking caused by the great change of temperature. And in order to solve these problems, our R&D team has put a lot of effort, and successfully work out with original patents design of thermal expansion system and cold shrinkage system. 6 group resilience arms and elastic pillars help to avoid bulging caused by the rise in temperature; 8 elastic sheets and lateral post prevent the track from tracks cause by temperature reduction. In order to give a better experience for runners, removable synthesis prefabricated interlocking running track is easy to clean, just by simply sweeping. What’s more, it requires low maintenance cost. All in all, commercial prefabricated interlocking running track is a He is a simple, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly product.

Interlocking Running tack is composed of modified polypropylene, color master batch, antioxidant, a light stabilizer, TPE etc. All of These raw materials are purchased from China SINOPEC, Germany BASF and Bayer, and Dow Company. Moreover, PP is a no smell, non-toxic, healthy and safe material, which is environmentally friendly. So there is no harm to health. All of our products have passed international certifications such as SGS, CE, ISO, ROHS etc. The warranty of interlocking running tack is five years. We promise we will provide high-quality service to the customers and do our best to solve any problems caused by the products. So far, our customer satisfaction has reached 97%. At present, the prefabricated interlocking running track is the most popular model especially for schools in China.

Prefabricated interlocking running track advantage

prefabricated interlocking running track advantage

1. Professional: Elastic Cushions design for perfect shock absorption
2. Safety Guard: Against wind or movement
3. Top Friction: Anti-slip textured surface treatment
4. Environmental Protection: 100% recyclable material and odorless.
5. Long Service Life: 10 years
6. Installation: Easy to install, no need adhesive.
7. Maintenance: Free maintenance.
8. All Weather: No special weather be required.
9. Tepreture: -40℃-80℃.
10. Multi-purpose and colorful appearance.

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