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Outdoor Tennis Court

Last month, we just finished a great 6600 square feet project of commercial removable outdoor tennis court flooring for ADDIDAS. You can not imagine that the court comes from a swimming pool. It’s portable and after the activity is over, it could be picked up and kept for the next use. Traditional acrylic tennis court surfacing is vulnerable to fractures and cracks along the playing surface, which can lead to inconsistent ball response and trip-related injuries. ZSFloor PP interlocking outdoor tennis court tiles perform at the highest skill levels so you can play like the professionals without the hassles of clay and grass. Our indoor and outdoor tennis court interlocking mat will offer excellent grip in wet or dry conditions.

ZSFloor prefabricated elastic flat outdoor tennis court provides the ultimate high-performance, low-maintenance playing surface for commercial facilities. The ZSFloor tile is exceptionally versatile and can be installed over a pre-existing tennis court surface in a matter of hours.ZSFloor detachable synthetic outdoor tennis court has been classified by many international tests. As an alternative to traditional acrylic court surfaces, ZSFloor removable outdoor tennis court flooring is engineered to be fracture-resistant, providing a much more consistent surface without the regular maintenance requirements. In addition, the slight vertical flex and side-to-side movement of the court tile provide forgiveness for players’ knees, joints, and lower backs, reducing the chance of injury during competitive play.

Normally we will use interlocking outdoor tennis court tiles to make tennis court because it has many advantages:

1. Professional: Elastic Cushions design for perfect shock absorption.

ZSFloor moves the wooden court structure from indoor to outdoor successfully. Make the elastic double structure is similar to professional indoor wooden flooring. 50 pieces elastic cushions on each tile bottom work as the wooden court keel. The elastic cushion structure is our patent design. And we have an exclusive formula for our elastic double Tier. The surface is very strong to ensure excellent ball rebound. The ball bounce rate as good as on the wooden court.

2. Strength: cross-shaped double-tier structure.

The backside cross ribs structure provides stronger bearing capacity and stable ability. The elastic double tier can load 4T weight, you can even drive a truck on the court. If you build your backyard court with elastic double tier, you can also use it as your private garage. This model can be used for multi-use court. The cross ribs make the court be stronger, make sure longer service life.

3. Creative Lock System: No deforming and cracking.

The extend buckles on elastic double tier make the court joints are elastic and lock tightly. There will no crack when the tile shrinking during winter. And there will no bulging during summer because there is 2mm elastic space.

4. Environmental Protection: 100% recyclable material and odorless.

The main materials are modified polypropylene, color master batches, antioxidants, light stabilizers. These all are eco-friendly materials. Modified polypropylene is food –grade material, you can use it for lunch-box, feeding bottle etc. Our flooring is 100% healthy and recyclable.

5. Long Service Life: more than 10 years.

Elastic Double Tier has over than 10 years lifespan. We’ll provide 8 years warranty for this model. And we adopt UV-resistance and anti-fatigue formula, elastic double tier is colorfast. The court will stay new color status for 8 years.

6. Installation: Easy to install, no need adhesive.

Elastic Double Tier is snap structure, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble. For the customized court, we’ll make customized installation instructions. You can finish one standard basketball court within a half day with 3 labors. You can even DIY your court with your families. You can share your court dimension with us, we’ll make a design for you. You can install many different patterns according to the design, make your dream court.

7. Maintenance: Free maintenance.

The detachable synthetic outdoor tennis court does not require any maintenance, you do not need to provide too much after-sale service if you are a distributor. The business will be very easy for you.

8. All Weather: No special weather be required.

And it could be used for the temperature from -50℃ to 70℃

9. Multi-purpose and colorful appearance.

You can use outdoor tennis court interlocking mat for the basketball court, tennis court, hockey court, multi-use court, garage etc.

1. Name:Elastic Double Tier Outdoor Tennis Court Flooring
2. Size:300mm*300mm*15.8mm(±0.15mm),Weight: 302.5g/PCS(±10g).
3. Modified PP Material: High Strength Copolymer Polypropylene,100% original raw material,Environmental Protection, Avirulent and Odorless;
4. Elastic Cushions Material:The globally recognized best elastomer material and never deformed.
5. Dull polish surface texture greatly improves friction so that the anti-skid effect is remarkable. ※(Our Patent)
6. Energy Absorption Lock: Innovated energy absorbing lock with arch buffer and elastic screens design. The prefabricated elastic flat outdoor tennis court ensures that it does no bulging and fracturing by expansion and contraction caused by temperature or lateral tension. ※(Our Patent)
7. Double tier tile is made up of no less than 225 groups of reinforcing bars to improve product rigidity and ensure sufficient resilience.
8. The innovative inspirit of the backside elastic cushions comes from the wooden court keel, which provides excellent shock absorptions performance and avoids sideslip on the foundation. ※(Our Patent)
9. The firm supporting system of 45PCS of pillars on the backside and more than 145 set of cross ribs structure provide stronger bearing capacity.
10. Adjustable edges are used inside the court, especially in bigger court. It could provide more adjustable space for court because of temperature change.※(Our Patent)

Prefabricated elastic flat outdoor tennis court advantage

prefabricated elastic flat outdoor tennis court advantage

1. Size: 300mm*300mm*15.8mm
2. Weight: 315±10g
3. Ball Rebound: ≥95%
4. Material: 100% recyclable PP and odorless.
5. Long Service Life: More than 10 years.
6. Installation: Easy to install, no need adhesive.
7. Maintenance: Free maintenance.
8. All Weather: No special weather be required.
9. Tepreture: -40℃-80℃.
10. Rolling Load N: ≥2500N

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