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Plastic sports floor construction process

Plastic sports floor construction process

I. Foundation preparation requirements before construction

1. Surface moisture: The humidity of the surface layer should be below 4.5%, and the ground should be dried 14-28 days before the floor construction.

2, surface hardness: use a sharp chisel to quickly cross the surface, there should be no burst at the intersection.

3, the surface flatness: with 2 meters by the ruler and wedge ruler, the surface flatness tolerance is ≤ 3mm.

4, surface compactness: the surface should not be too rough, there should be no excessive pores, the surface should be hardened on the slightly sanded ground.

5. Surface cracks: There must be no cracks with a width greater than 3 mm, and the surface layer must not have empty drums.

6, surface cleanliness: oil, wax, paint, pigments and other residual substances must be removed.

7. Surface temperature: The on-site air temperature should be above 18 degrees Celsius and the surface temperature should be above 15 degrees Celsius.

Second, self-leveling construction steps

1. Handling the floor: Use a blade and a vacuum cleaner to remove small agglomerates, dust and debris from the ground and residues from the previous construction. Inspect and clean up the small area of ​​the surface, loose, hollow, cracks, bumps, and depressions.

2. Fine measurement of the floor: Use the interlocking indoor sport surface detector to detect the unevenness within a range of 2 meters on the floor to be constructed. If the self-leveling construction thickness is 2mm, the unevenness of the floor shall not exceed 3mm. If it is greater than 3mm, it shall be treated with a sander.

3, coating the base oil: use the bottom oil roller to apply every step of the floor, not to be missed.

4. Self-leveling foundation mud: Pour the clean water into the mixing tank in proportion, then pour into the self-leveling cement, and stir evenly with electric drill and agitator.

5. Formal construction: Pour the self-leveling batch into the floor, push it evenly with a special scraper, and deflate with a deflated roller.

6. Fine treatment: After 24 hours self-leveling and drying, use sand machine to polish and trim, remove surface tiny particles, and make the self-leveling surface smoother and smoother after construction.

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Third, the construction steps of the material

1. The construction materials and construction direction shall confirm that the construction materials shall be the same batch number. The material should be compatible with the room temperature (sucking operation).

2. The construction of the benchmark method is best started from the entrance of the room to prevent the floor from being seamed at the door. The construction materials should be cut to 5 cm more than the actual length and laid on the ground. When cutting, the material should be compatible with the room temperature (adsorption operation). The pattern of the grain should be aligned with the texture. The material covered by the wall and corners should be fully pressed by hand ("V" shape) and cut according to the wall curve (5CM left). Keep a certain distance from the wall when cutting, and leave it at the position that the skirting line can cover. Connecting the web construction - When cutting the second floor, consider aligning with the first floor pattern (as far as possible for the indoor sport surface interlocking tiles that needs to be aligned). ―Place the floor when cutting the 2nd floor

On one sheet, the “V. Scraper” type mark is placed on the middle and both ends, and both ends of the floor and the wall are cut to leave a part of the construction. ―It can also be connected to the same step during large-area construction.

3, adhesive coating - adhesive used with the matching floor mating glue. - Wait a certain amount of time before sticking the floor, reduce the moisture of the adhesive, improve the adhesion, wait time and the surrounding environment, time, ground conditions. - This product uses matching adhesive, scraper and full coating, and the joints and corners are fully applied to avoid movement and lifting. ― Apply the cut floor.

4, the floor laying and pressing - the adhesive is applied after a certain time, put the floor. ― Gently press and place with your feet. ―Press the roller to press the floor joint and move it from the middle to the corner and the middle to the joint.

5. The connection at the joint treatment site is the most important during construction. The joint treatment is to cut off the two floors of the joint with a construction knife.

Pay attention to the consistency between the two floors when cutting.

6. After the construction is completed and the cleaning is completed 24 hours later, the floor should be cleaned (a vacuum cleaner can be used, but it is forbidden to use a rag to clean the adhesive) or other foreign matter. Stick to the surface and use a rag to clean the alcohol.