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Kindergarten suspension assembled sports floor acceptance method and acceptance considerations

Kindergarten suspension assembled sports floor is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-volatile, easy to construct, and easy to maintain. And no professional construction team, no glue, can be laid. However, SC-ZSfloor sports flooring manufacturers found that many friends were worried about the unqualified floor they were laying on when laying the site, but what problems left for future use, then what happens after the completion of the customizable interlocking running track paving construction? qualified? Below SC-ZSfloor is here to share with you the details of how to check and accept the requirements after the completion of the suspension plastic sports floor paving construction.
1. Floor flatness on the whole site

After the paving, stand at a wide angle of view of the site, check whether the entire site of the kindergarten looks flat, whether there are a drum and a recessed place. If this happens, the buckle of the floor and the floor is generally not stuck. Or on the card, reinstall the unmounted floor. The entire floor of the paved qualified site is flat.

2. Is the entire site paved completely?

Because the size of the outdoor venue of each kindergarten is different from the regular shape, some kindergartens are not straight in the edge and have irregular shapes such as curvature or round shape. When laying the floor, they need to be cut, often said that the cutting is not The ground of the rules is completely laid, so that the whole scene is harmoniously beautiful, so it is necessary to check after the paving is completed, whether there are missing small corners that are not laid.


3. Whether the pattern completed by the construction is consistent with the design and construction drawing

The floor effect of the kindergarten is customized according to the design of the park and the requirements of the teacher. Before the floor laying site, there will be professional designers to draw the construction effect drawings. The number of blocks and the pattern of the floor are all based on the construction drawings. After the construction of the kindergarten site is completed, it must be checked against the effect drawing to see if it is consistent. Is there any misspelling or missing place?

4. Is the site paving edge qualified?

When the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court is laid to the edge, please note that it is not necessary to bear against the wall surface. There must be a 3cm expansion and contraction gap to give the plastic floor thermal expansion and contraction and shrinkage space. If the wall edge is pressed, the high temperature and low temperature will be generated. Space where energy is not released will cause problems such as arching, drumming, and deformation of the floor.

The above is a basic analysis of the kindergarten after the completion of the suspension assembly paving construction of SC-ZSfloor. For more professional kindergarten materials, solutions, construction, acceptance and other issues, you can talk about SC-ZSfloor official. Website, WeChat public account, official Weibo, for everyone to continuously update information.