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Is the Cheap Soft Suspended Interlocking Floor Really Good?

This essay explain to people who don't know about suspended floors.
Suspended Interlocking Floor Definition: Clearly only refers to the use of high-strength polypropylene material is suspended floor (the same look, but with other materials, although the appearance is exactly the same, not called suspension, like bathroom mat, gate door mat, car wash room Grille).

Define what is the real suspended floor, and then discuss whether the soft suspended floor is good. In fact, according to the actual use, the result is exactly the opposite, there are many defects in soft suspension:
First, the plastic thermal expansion and contraction rate is high, the soft suspension strength is small, the thermal expansion and contraction rate is higher, the arching phenomenon is very serious, and it is easy to be deformed and damaged.
Second, the load bearing performance is poor. Can not bear the school bus, car and other locomotive equipment, will cause damage to the support / lock, the lock is easy to trip and break when the thermal expansion and contraction;

Third, soft suspension fading is faster than normal suspension, and aging is faster.
Suspended floor is a plastic product, and it has no elasticity. The impact of soft suspension is almost the same as that of hard suspension. There are many drawbacks. For outdoor venues, soft suspension is not recommended for larger venues, and various problems such as cracking and fading are prone to occur.

Our double layer items use elastic cushions on the tile's backside,while ensuring the hardness, without affecting the rebound of the ball, the cushion absorption is greatly improved, and our double-layer products are often used in professional sports court.

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