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In fact, the dance room can also use the suspended floor.

In fact, the dance room can also use the suspended floor.
Nowadays, with fierce competition in the market, every parent does not want their children to lose on the starting line. More and more children are sent to the training class to learn dance. In addition to improving the child's temperament, it also allows the child to have the skill to take advantage of finding a job later. However, because the children's bones are relatively fragile if the floor of the dance room is not qualified, the child will be harmed if it is harmed.

The detachable multi-use basketball court mat is a very good floor suitable for practicing dance. Today, it is good for everyone to use it in the dance room.

Dance can also make your child's body more straight and overcome the bad posture of action. Children and children benefit a lot from dance. Before adulthood, children develop and produce very quickly. Through dance practice, they can stand more straight and have a more beautiful body. According to the survey, the children who participated in the dance training class had an average height of 4-8 cm. Moreover, through the practice of split, lower waist and presser foot, the child's physical quality is improved, and strength, control, stability, and endurance are improved.

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“In the dance practice, the feel of the floor is very important. But it is not just comfort, but covers a very wide range, including shock absorption, resilience, softness, etc. If the dance floor is not comfortable It will have a negative impact on the dancer's hip joint, knee joint, and ankle joint. If the dance floor is too hard, the actor will fall easily when doing the sliding step and rotating in place; if the dance floor is too soft, then the dance floor is too soft. The rebound is not ideal. It is easy to be tired after a long jump, and it is impossible to carry out professional dance performances and lessons." Mr. Wang, the person in charge of the dance training class, introduced.

In addition, the environmental performance of the dance floor is also worthy of attention. Because dance studios generally require a large space, some dance organizations need to rent in the basement as a dance classroom in order to save money. Even in the ground environment, the winter is too cold, and the dancers don't wear many clothes. It is impossible to open the window frequently. In the case that the air cannot be properly circulated, the use of other floors is not easy to meet the standard of harmful substances, which will undoubtedly have a serious impact on the health of the dancers, not to mention the resistance of children and children who are far less resistant than adults. Therefore, it is better to choose a safe and detachable outdoor sport court tiles.

If you are a dance instructor, you may wish to consider this new type of suspended floor material to help you. This type of suspended floor is of good quality, low price, long service life, non-toxic and harmless, and is guaranteed by other industries. Create a brand effect.