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How to maintain the plastic PVC special floor in kindergarten is more reasonable

Kindergarten sports flooring is widely used in small and medium-sized kindergartens because of its good performance and reduced the chance of children being injured during play. In order to extend the service life of the plastic floor, you should pay attention to daily maintenance.
Here are some daily maintenance items that need attention, please keep in mind:

First, avoid friction: when moving furniture or home appliances, you need to add cushioning pad, it is best not to drag directly on the floor.

Second, to avoid scratches: In order not to cause scratches on the plastic floor, then it is best not to wear shoes with nails to walk on the ground, if conditions permit, it is best to replace the soft-soled shoes.

Third, the cushion placement requirements: the cushion size is slightly larger than the base size.

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Fourth, daily cleaning: kindergarten plastic floor when cleaning, should use a mild neutral detergent, warm water wipe, do not use other types of cleaners with strong acid and alkali, so as not to damage the floor, causing a certain degree of corrosion on the floor.

5. Freezing method to remove chewing gum: If the gum sticks to the wholesale interlocking multi-use basketball court, you can wrap the plastic bag in water, freeze it into ice cubes in the refrigerator, then place the ice cube on the chewing gum to make it cool and harden, then carefully scrape it off.

Sixth, daily utensils carefully put: usually pay attention to avoid hard or sharp appliances, dropped on the floor to avoid damage to the floor.

Seven, waxing maintenance cycle: regular waxing and maintenance once in January-February. It can reduce the wear of the plastic floor surface, extend the service life of the floor, and keep the floor clean and beautiful!

Eight, to oil and dirt: kindergarten sports floor sprinkled with ink, oil, etc., to be treated in a timely manner, daily cleaning can be used washing powder water, soapy water, to remove smudges. If you encounter smudges that are difficult to remove, do not use scouring to polish them. It is easy to scratch the floor and make the texture of the floor softer. You need to find a professional to deal with it in time to remove the pollution.

Nine, daily temperature requirements: kindergarten PVC floor can not directly contact the heat source, can not place high-temperature items above 60 °C on the floor, such as an electric kettle. The cigarettes that are randomly discarded, if not completely extinguished, will leave marks of burns on the floor.