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How to extend the life of assembled basketball flooring products

Nowadays, many basketball courts are paved with assembled floors, allowing athletes to play more carefully. We all know that the service life of the assembled floor is usually about 10 years, and the good service life can reach 15 years. Shenzhen prefabricated interlocking indoor tennis court manufacturers pointed out that its service life is related to the material of the floor and the maintenance of the floor.
Then let's talk about ways to extend the life of the product. The main material of the assembled floor is polypropylene, and the additive contains antioxidants and ultraviolet absorbers. Additives should be increased according to a certain share, and more or less increase will be counterproductive. The precise ratio can make the floor resist the external damage in the harsh outdoor environment and extend the service life of the assembled floor.
The assembled floor in the basketball court is installed, and the normal maintenance in the course of use is also the key factor for extending the service life of the point. Assemble the floor away from chemicals, usually, the chemicals are corrosive, and the touch on the floor will directly damage the floor. High temperature is also a big killer for assembling the floor. The usual light, the temperature of the surface will not damage the suspended floor. During the use, it should try to prevent the heater or other heating equipment from being directly placed on the floor.
In the winter snow in the north, it is often seen that the snow on the floor surface should be cleaned up after the snow is finished. Do not let the snow accumulate on the surface of the assembled floor for a long time. Do not wear spikes on the suspended floor, which is very damaging to the floor and poses a great danger to the athletes.

detachable synthesis wood look indoor sport flooring
Suspension of customized synthesis indoor tennis court tiles installation requirements for ground base
I. Construction requirements for cement stone powder stable layer
1. The thickness tolerance is 10%, but not more than 1 cm. The place with too much error must be leveled with cement mortar.
2. The allowable deviation of vertical and horizontal cut-off elevation is 15mm, and the slope error shall not exceed 2mm.
3. Appearance: The surface is dry and flat, without sand, plum and a large area of ​​water.
Second, the construction requirements for asphalt concrete layer
1. There is no large area of ​​oil on the surface of asphalt concrete. If it has to be removed, it must be re-patched (oil dissolves asphalt, the oil will destroy the strength of asphalt concrete).
2. There is no obvious uneven mixing of asphalt concrete on the surface. If there is an unstirred asphalt block, it must be excavated and re-patched.
3. Appearance: The surface is even and solid, no obvious rolling wheel track, no cracks, no loose side, loose, oil, oil, and pockmarks. The joints are smooth and smooth, and there is no water blocking phenomenon.
Maintenance instructions for indoor tennis court interlocking mat:
1. Do not wear nailed sneakers and high heels to enter the stadium to avoid damage to the sports surface layer;
2, do not place heavy objects, heavy machinery or sharply hit with hard objects, so as not to damage the floor (suspended assembly floor superior quality, can carry heavy weight trucks. Xiaobian Tip: general quality products should not be easily tried) ;
3. Do not spill liquid such as sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid on the floor to avoid corrosion of the floor;
4. After the snow, clean up the snow in time and don't let the snow accumulate on the floor for a long time.