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How To Clean And Maintain The Plastic Sports Floor

Plastic sports flooring is commonly used in public spaces with large traffic, so regular cleaning is necessary. How to maintain the elastic double tier sport flooring?

First, matters needing attention


detachable indoor sport surface

1. Doormats should be placed at the entrance to a place with high traffic.

2. It is strictly forbidden to wear shoes, high heels or shoes with the color drop.

3. Strictly cut and squeeze, the surface should not be rubbed against hard objects to avoid damage and damage.

4. It is strictly forbidden to use corrosive chemicals such as acid and alkali on the elastic double tier sport flooring tennis court and keep away from the fire source and high temperature to avoid deformation of the floor.

Second, regular cleaning

1. Daily cleaning Dry sweep, wet sweep: the floor must be cleaned with a mop every day or with a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the surface. Small areas can be cleaned manually. Medium or above area can be cleaned with a scrubber.

2. Regular cleaning (not less than 1 week) Mechanical cleaning, self-cleaning cleaner or drum cleaner + red cleaning tray + neutral or non-alkaline detergent. Regular shoe print cleaning (not less than 1 month) With a shoe print remover (special rubber and resin products) for 5 minutes, use a self-cleaning cleaning machine to mechanically clean the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court + red Wash the plate.