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How to choose the texture of the suspended assembled floor in the badminton court

Usually in life, I like to go to the badminton hall to play badminton and exercise. I found that most badminton halls began to use sports suspension assembled flooring. The sports floor makes badminton more effortless and effortless, not only because of its beautiful appearance, but also because its elasticity is superior to other floors, and it can effectively reduce the damage and wear of the joints during exercise. So how many kinds of lines are there in the usual suspension type assembled floor?

First, the new sand pattern is also called sand pattern, which is a indoor sport surface basketball court interlocking for badminton courts.

Second, the wood grain: the surface of the wood grain looks similar to the surface of the solid wood, but it is completely different from the solid wood sports floor. The wood grain sports floor can be said to be a substitute for solid wood flooring, but it does not mean completely replacing the solid wood floor. However, the price of wood grain PVC sports flooring is much more favorable than that of solid wood flooring. It is also suitable for its motion coefficient, which can be improved according to the characteristics of our sports. Therefore, wood grain sports flooring is a lot of choices.

detachable synthesis indoor sport surface

Third, lychee pattern: lychee pattern is a common badminton PVC sports rubber, almost every pebble pattern sports floor can be seen in various badminton courts because the price is cheap, the anti-skid coefficient is relatively high and is widely used.

Fourth, the snakeskin pattern: the use of the release of snakeskin design, this can make the snakeskin PVC sports floor friction coefficient enhanced, effectively enhance the badminton sports floor anti-slip ability, this is more in line with the principle of motion, can avoid Accidental injuries caused by slippery ground during the exercise. Moreover, the texture of the snakeskin PVC sports floor will not be very deep, but it is very dense, the friction coefficient is relatively high, and there is no tripping. Therefore, the snakeskin pattern is for the movement with higher running frequency. Better.

The above four types are the lines of badminton PVC sports suspension assembled flooring that we can usually see in the badminton hall, because they are cheaper and more popular in line with our movement coefficient, in addition to the above several types of gemstones, Fabric, small stone, cowhide, crystal sand, etc. Suitable for the texture of 3x3 standard commercial basketball court of a badminton court. When choosing the texture of badminton sports PVC suspension type assembled floor, I suggest you choose according to your own situation. It is better to choose a brand supplier who specializes in PVC sports flooring.