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How to Choose High Quality PP Inetrlocking Sports Flooring?

PP interlocking sports flooring is a healthy, safe surface material for sport court.
More and more people are using it for their home backyard courts, school courts, sports club courts etc.
How to choose qualified PP interlocking sports flooring?


Appearance: no cracks on the surface, blistering, poor plasticization, no burrs on the front of the floor, uniform thickness of the support columns on the back of the floor, and uniform ribs. The material (PP) is evenly packed with no holes on the surface.

Color: Color master batch (toner) is the key to color matching. The better color master batch, the fading is slower, and it will not cause partial fading.

Weight: Since each manufacturer has its own raw material formula, the specific weight cannot be quantified. However, there are many unscrupulous traders on the market. In order to reduce the cost, a lot of talc (talc) is added to the PP material, so the floor performance is greatly reduced and the service life is reduced. It must be noted that if you hold a suspended floor and feel very heavy on your hand, you can be sure that the floor is filled with a certain amount of talc (talc).

Odor and water absorption: The qualified suspended floor has no taste, does not produce and retains odor, and does not absorb water and absorb sweat. Unqualified smells a patchy taste.

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