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How to choose among the quality of the suspended suspension assembled floor

Today's economically developed, suspension-assembled sports flooring has just been in the market for several years and has been everywhere, so how to make the right choice in the uneven quality of the suspended sports assembled floor

The following eight points give you the help you need to choose a floor.

First, check the surface structure of the product

The double-layer structure floor is superior to the single-layer structure floor quality and performance.

A double-layer interlock commercial basketball court surface


1. The double-layer structure of the surface strengthens the physical properties of the product and reduces deformation. Make the product quality more stable (increasing the service life, the laboratory proves that the service life can be as long as 15 years)

2, a real multi-purpose (the same venue can play basketball, tennis, badminton, five-a-side football, volleyball and other professional level competitions)


1. The manufacturing process is complicated and the manufacturing cost is high.

2, the product price is higher

B single layer assembled floor


1, the price is cheaper

2. The production process is relatively simple.

3, can play basketball, tennis, badminton, five-a-side football, volleyball and other professional level competitions


1. Compared with the prefabricated commercial basketball court, the stability is poor, and the service life is about 8 to 10 years.

2, not really a multi-purpose (Note: tennis and badminton, basketball can not be used on the floor of a model)

Second, check the production process of the product (divided into single injection molding and multi-point injection molding)

Should choose single injection molding (also known as hot runner single injection molding)

Note: When viewing the back or the periphery of the product, the injection molding point is white, which is obviously different from the product color and has a dent. Single-point injection refers to only one injection point, and multi-point injection refers to two or more injection points on the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court of the product.

A single injection molding

interlocking double tier sport flooring


1. The product is formed once in a single point in the mold, and the physical properties and chemical properties are stable. The floor will not be deformed after a period of use, and the color is uniform.

2, the product looks beautiful (only one injection port)

3. The service life is longer. As the age increases, the fading is uniform and the surface is not deformed.


1. The price is high. The mold is expensive, the injection tonnage is large, and the cost is high.

2, production is difficult, it is difficult to control the fluidity of materials.

Multi-point injection molding

B advantage

1. The price is lower. The cost of the mold is lower, the cost of injection molding is lower, and the cost is easy to control.

2, the production difficulty is small, the material control does not need to be too strict


1. The product is formed by multi-point feeding in the mold. The product is shaped like a modular structure in the mold (the naked eye can not see the assembly trace), the physical properties and chemical properties are unstable, and the floor is easily deformed after using for a period of time, the most obvious It is uneven in fading.

2, affect the appearance, multiple injection ports.

3, the laboratory proves that multi-point injection molding in the place with large temperature difference between day and night, easy to lift, uneven fading.

Third, check whether the product has the sport versatility

A. Double-layer structure floor (diamond surface) is suitable for professional sports such as basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball, indoor soccer, multi-purpose sports halls. Insufficient: the price is more expensive

B. Single-layer structure floor: (attached)

Square (ribbed) surface structure for tennis

Square (without ribbed) surface structure for basketball

MiG surface structure for basketball and badminton

Flower surface structure and animal surface structure are not suitable for sports venues

Fourth, check the length and width of the product (CM)

At present, the size of the suspension sports assembled flooring products in the Chinese market is various, but only two of the most authoritative and satisfactory sizes are available.

1, 25 * 25 (commonly used domestic models) meet, standard size

2, 30.48 * 30.48 (equivalent to 1 foot, that is 12 inches. Foreign / domestic commonly used models) meet, standard size

3, 33 * 33 (unknown) does not meet, non-standard size

4, 33.3*33.3 (unknown) does not meet, non-standard size

V. Check the thickness of the product (CM)

a\thickness 1.0 (cannot really protect the athletes, vibration absorption is less than 53%) does not meet the interlocking multi-use basketball court flooring standard

b\thickness 1.27 (more in line with the requirements of sports flooring, can meet the requirements of shock absorption (close to or up to 53%)), can be used in training grounds, professional competition land should be used with caution

c\thickness 1.58 (Advantage: fully meets the requirements of sports flooring, shock absorption is close to 58%.

Disadvantages: high production cost) fully compliant, can be used in professional arena

Sixth, check the appearance, color, weight of the product

A. Appearance: no cracks on the surface, blistering, poor plasticization, no burrs on the front of the floor, uniform thickness of the back of the floor, and uniform ribs. The material (PP) is evenly packed with no holes on the surface.

B. Color: Color masterbatch (toner) is a color matching light button. The color is good with a good color masterbatch. The fading is slow and uniform, and it will not cause partial fading. How to choose please refer to the attached table:

a qualified product: The color is bright and bright, the gloss is full, and the brilliant color (such as: bright red, yellow) is slightly transparent. Material (PP) is filled with no impurities. Feel very good.

b Non-conforming product: Gray, dull, visible white matter in visible material (PP)

C. Weight: The main material of the product is pure PP, supplemented by other additives (such as materials for controlling flow rate, color masterbatch, anti-aging, and reinforced PP strength materials). Since each manufacturer has its own raw material formula, the specific weight cannot be quantified. However, there are many unscrupulous traders on the market. In order to reduce the cost, a lot of talc (talc) is added to the PP material, so the floor performance is greatly reduced and the service life is reduced. It must be noted that if you hold a suspended sports assembly floor and feel heavy on your hand, you can determine that the floor is filled with a certain amount of talc (talc).

Seven, check the strength and flatness of the product

A. Strength: Firmly fold the floor or forcefully pull the floor lock. If there is no floor breakage, obvious crack, and lock off, you can judge this product as a good product.

B. Flatness: Put two pieces of the same type of suspended sports assembled floor together, and touch the joint surface of the floor by hand. If there is no obvious unevenness, this product is a good product. (Note: The data of the qualified floor in the laboratory is the floor flatness ≤ 0.5MM)

Eight, check the product for smell and water absorption

Qualified: The product has no taste, does not produce and retains odor, and the product does not absorb water and absorb sweat.