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Green And Healthy PVC Sports Flooring For Your Entire Escort

Many families now choose to use the sports floor to decorate the ground, especially in the bedroom and children's room. In addition to paying attention to the selection of good flooring, the selection of some accessories such as skirting and floor glue is also very important. Remind consumers that when choosing indoor tennis court interlocking mat, not only should we pay attention to the environmental protection of floor panels, but also pay attention to the environmental protection of various accessories. At present, the common materials for skirting boards are PVC, density fiberboard, and multi-layer plywood. Among them, PVC material will not emit formaldehyde, which is relatively safe. However, the density board should be selected as high as possible. Some low-priced and low-density skirting boards are likely to exceed formaldehyde. The same problem may also exist with the skirting boards of multi-layer plywood. PVC skirting can give us green and healthy home.


Want a truly green and healthy home, starting from the purchase of sports flooring, sports flooring from its own materials to the production process, from the use of accessories during the installation process to the subsequent use, no harm to the human body and the environment, so Using this floor can really give us a green and healthy home. Not only the floor should choose green sports floor, SC-ZSfloor sports floor manufacturers, there must be a real green home, the accessories used to install the floor should also be healthy and environmentally friendly materials, the glue used in interlock commercial basketball court surface is a water-soluble Glue, this kind of glue is also an environmentally friendly glue. It is harmless to the environment during installation and later uses, and it does not cause harmful substances to cause harm to people's bodies. Therefore, it is truly environmentally friendly glue.

The floor is not only a decorative effect but also has the function of moisture-proof, anti-skid and cushioning. Therefore, the choice of the floor depends first on the material. To create a green and healthy home, it is necessary to choose the floor material of environmentally friendly materials. The main raw material used in interlock double tier sport flooring is PVC material and calcium carbonate, PVC material, and calcium carbonate are environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resources, non-toxic and non-radiative. It has been used in a large number of people's daily lives, such as water pipes, tableware, medical infusion tube bags, etc., is a green product advocated by the state. So green healthy home, starting from the purchase of PVC sports flooring.