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Five details to pay attention to when choosing a sports floor

There are many brands of sports flooring on the market, and the prices vary. From twenty-three yuan to one square meter, to one hundred yuan and one square meter. What is the difference between these sports floorings, how can I buy a sporty floor that is easy to use? Before buying, pay attention to the following questions:

1, the design with the lock is better

There are two types of removable intelligent creation of sports flooring in the market, one with a lock and the other with a lock. The floor without a lock is similar to a flat plate. The price is usually around twenty or thirty yuan. There is glue on the back and it is fixed by glue. The product with the lock has a locking design at the edge of the floor, and the two plates can be secured by a lock. Usually, the product with the lock does not have a backing.

The design with the buckle is superior to the product without the lock in every respect. When the floor without the lock is laid, it needs to be manually aligned, which has certain requirements for the hands-on ability of the paver. There is no lock card grounding plate. Once it is subjected to the strong force, the floor may be displaced, and there is a certain risk of water seepage, which affects daily use. In addition, there may be a chance of corner warping.

The floor with the lock design is more concise and clear, and the buckle firmly secures the floor and reduces the possibility of displacement. The good buckles are tightly stitched, the gap on the floor surface is small, and it also has certain dustproof and waterproof functions. Not afraid of the floor will be warped, deformed, longer life and better usability.
2, glue-free installation, more environmentally friendly

Some sports flooring comes with glue behind it, just like double-sided tape, you can stick it off by peeling off the backing paper. However, there are two issues to consider when designing a backing. First of all, whether the glue itself is environmentally friendly, will there be a problem of excessive formaldehyde? Poor quality glue may present a health risk. In addition, although some adhesives claim to be strong, over time, the adhesive may age and harden, thereby reducing the fixing ability. Therefore, if you simply fix the back rubber, be sure to choose a good quality product.

It is also recommended to use glue-free installation to reduce environmental concerns. Secondly, without glue, it needs to be fastened and the stability is more secure. Usually, the bottom of the glue-free product will be made of polymer material, with anti-slip and moisture-proof properties, which can better adapt to the wet weather and reduce the trouble of daily care.

prefabricated elastic double tier sport flooring

3, with waterproof coating, practical

Although the PVC material has good ductility and is not as easily heated and contracted as the wood, it is affected by the tide. However, the excellent waterproof and moisture-proof function is necessary for the sports floor.

First of all, the surface of the removable portable outdoor soft elastic flooring should be provided with a waterproof coating, so as to avoid accidental watering, water will penetrate into the floor, causing long-term humidity and floor watering; it is more convenient to take care of the day.

Excellent sports flooring should also have non-slip design, especially in the weather back to the South, reducing the mutual penetration of water vapor under the floor to better keep the environment dry.

4, look at the wear resistance, the higher the better

Sports flooring is similar to composite flooring, and its durability depends to a large extent on the protective layer of the surface. The "strength" of the surface protective layer is usually expressed by the wear resistance number.

The number of revolutions of the floor can be very high. There are many sports floors on the market that are more than 10,000, even reaching 30,000 rpm. According to the specific use of the family, you can choose the number of revolutions that suit you.

5. Is there a relevant test report?

Merchants often claim that the quality of their products is the best, but whether it is actually, it requires a variety of authoritative tests to prove it. For example, reports from various national testing agencies, including fire, flame retardant, zero formaldehyde, etc.; and third-party certification such as SGS can also endorse quality.

Especially nowadays, many products are sold through the Internet. Consumers can't see the real thing, and they can't face the business directly. They can only judge the pros and cons of the product by the related introduction of the web page. Merchants can be required to provide relevant certificates. For example, the merchant said that his floor has reached 30,000 rpm, and consumers can request relevant test reports so that they can buy more confidence.