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Knight Sport Flooring

Knight Sport Flooring has patented anti-slip bamboo points veins on the surface. Including safety guard and adjustable lock system design, elastic knight sport flooring has become one of the most popular outdoor court tiles. Interlocking knight sport flooring is widely used for futsal court, basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, tennis court, playground surface and so on.


knight Sport Flooring, as the first generation of our products, has quickly occupied the domestic and international markets with advantages of cost-effective. Up to now, standard prefabricated knight sport flooring is still widely acclaimed which has established a good reputation for ZSFloor and laid a solid foundation for the innovation of subsequent products.

The first concept of the synthesis knight sport flooring structural design is stable and reliable quality. In order to solve the most common quality problems of general suspended sports flooring like cracking, arching, displacement, fading, our research, and development team has innovatively designed the thermal expansion system, the shrinkage system, the safety system, which have gained the recognition of appearance, practical patents.

Knight sport flooring outdoor tile has a reasonable cross pattern and frosted surface. Wind and stealing proof are added as new functions. Adjustable lock system design avoids deforming and cracking over expansion and contraction caused by temperature. With plenty of support legs on the back knight Sport Flooring rapidly and evenly decomposes the surface pressure. Not only that, in order to provide a comfortable sports field for players, there are 484 convex bamboo joints on the surface of the product, which increases the friction of movement, realize the excellent performance of anti-slip, wear-resistant. At the same time, we have also done a matte treatment on the surface of synthesis knight sport flooring so that it won't be reflective or glare.

Unlike traditional materials like PU, EPDM, turf, PP as a new material for sports flooring, has some unique advantages. First of all, the PP material is totally eco-friendly, safe, no smell and non-toxic. Secondly, PP has strong chemical stability; it can withstand -40 to 80 degrees. In addition, we add anti-oxidant and light stabilizer during the production process of knight sport flooring outdoor, which can guarantee a more stable quality with the features of resist UV and anti-aging.

PP interlocking sport flooring has the advantages of portable, easy to install, easy to clean, low-cost maintenance, can be repeatedly disassembled and connected. Moreover, it can be laid on any relative floors such as flat concrete, stone bricks, and asphalt pavements that are why more and more people around the world choose modular sports flooring. Standard prefabricated knight sport flooring is a really good choice for those who want to build a standard training sport court without much cost. Elastic knight sport flooring can be used for futsal court, basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, tennis court, playground surface and so on.

Interlocking knight sport flooring has a period of 5-year warranty. During this period, all the problems caused by the product itself, we guarantee to solve the problems including the solutions of returning or exchanging, so that customers will have no worries about the quality.

Knight sport flooring advantages

knight sport flooring advantages

1. Size: 250mm*250mm*12.7mm
2. Weight: 190±5g
3. Ball Rebound: ≥95%
4. Material: 100% recyclable PP and odorless.
5. Long Service Life: More than 10 years.
6. Installation: Easy to install, no need adhesive.
7. Maintenance: Free maintenance.
8. All Weather: No special weather be required.
9. Tepreture: -40℃-80℃.
10. Sliding Friction Coefficient: ≥0.65

Knight Sport Flooring is suitable for the construction of various outdoor courts and training venues, such as basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, and other mixed courts. It can support customized patterns and color.

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