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Do not forget these three points in the suspension of the assembled floor

Nowadays, the most popular sports floor in the market - suspended assembled plastic flooring - has become more and more popular in the public. Because of its durable, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing products. At the same time, compared with other similar products, it has a high-cost performance advantage. Therefore, it has been favored by more and more consumers. Nowadays, suspended basketball floors are used in college basketball courts, large badminton halls, and community kindergartens. Thanks to the splicing design, the detachable portable volleyball court mat is more secure and less prone to water accumulation. In the future sports flooring market, there will be greater demand for sports flooring.

Although there are many advantages to suspension of the assembled floor, there are some details to be paid attention to in the purchase, such as materials, wear resistance, price, etc. are one of the factors to be considered. The following will explain the skills of the purchase for these three points.
1. The material determines quality: For the floor, the material is the most important part. The mainstream floor currently on the market is mainly composed of PP polyester plastic. In order to increase profits, inferior flooring will add a material containing free formaldehyde to the material to achieve the purpose of sub-filling. This kind of floor not only deceives consumers in quality but also harms users in environmental protection. Therefore, it is recommended to pay more attention to the materials and accessories on the floor and try to choose the products of the big brands.

elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court

2, low-priced products need to be careful: Many buyers will purchase some price floor for cost considerations, this floor is not only pretending to be the material mentioned above. The standard of use of normal flooring cannot be achieved in terms of material stability and durability. Especially in the outdoor pavilion, the sun has been exposed to the sun for a long time, and the floor is easily aged and damaged. In this way, it has to be laid twice, in fact, this is an increase in cost in disguise. Therefore, in the choice, it is completely attracted to the low-priced products.

3, comprehensive service is very important: don't just look at the product but forget to understand the relevant after-sales service, this is also a very important link. Some suspension assembly floor manufacturers on the market provide after-sales warranty service, and the maintenance period is very long. The general warranty period is 3-5 years or even longer. Some manufacturers also provide a lifetime warranty. Of course, it is not to say that the longer the better, these are just on the choice of products, you can refer to the elastic interlocking multi-use basketball court manufacturers for qualifications, comprehensive services, and other aspects.

Therefore, in the selection of the suspended assembly floor, the above points should be considered comprehensively, and detailed comparisons should be made. Finally, according to their own needs, the next step should be selected. Do not blindly choose, or you will add unnecessary cost support in future use and maintenance.