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Futsal Court

Futsal is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. This fast-paced variation of indoor soccer demands consistent ball speed, superior traction for player performance and the option of portability. ZSFloor prefabricated futsal court has appeared in many national and international tournaments.

Commercial futsal pitches are purpose-built for facilities and organizations like recreation centers, soccer clubs, and gyms. We offer several different types of sports flooring tiles that are excellent to play on, reduce impact, and are easy to install. Contact one of our indoor futsal flooring experts to design the perfect pitch for your organization. We are a professional manufacturer of prefabricated futsal court. Welcome to procurement futsal court and wholesale portable futsal court.

Futsal court needs flat, anti-slip and not so hard flooring.

Outdoor FutsalIf your matches are played outdoors, our surfaces will accommodate all your needs. ZSFloor removable futsal court construction is built to withstand all weather conditions and made to perform at the highest playing levels so safety and performance are never an issue. Indoor FutsalCreativity and technique are essential for the game and ball passing and foot control make the difference in winning or losing, that’s why many customers choose ZSFloor as the official athletic surface for all their indoor competitions. Flat Surface: As flat as wooden flooring, easier to clean and provide better friction performance for indoor sports. The surface of our PP Mat is a simple color, with 14 standard color options, customized color is also acceptable. PP Mat is as professional as wooden flooring, but with much cheaper price. The cost is more efficient. Our PP Mat does not require professional workers to install it, you can even DIY the court. Wooden flooring and PVC flooring can require high standard under-lay playground, you need to spend more cost on the base playground construction. Wooden flooring and PVC flooring require very experienced workers to install it, otherwise, the court quality will not be good, although you used good quality. The snap structure of detachable futsal sport floor tiles make the flooring very easy to install, you can assemble the tiles quickly, and reduce storage requirements. We’ll provide custom installation instructions to you if we pre-paint the lines for you. And we can provide custom logo service if you need.

Elastic Cushions on the backside: Work as wooden court keel, reduce the impact on joints and limbs. Awesome shock absorption provides a better sports experience, there will no harms during play. And the elastic cushions can help reduce the noise, gives the player and audience better sports experience.

PP mat indoor futsal court flooring

pp mat indoor futsal court flooring

Thermal Expansion System: 8 group resilience arms & elastic pillars patent design; Prevent the court from bulging caused by the rise in temperature. 2mm elastic cushions among the joints, enhance the court anti-bulging performance. The court can adjust itself to fit the playground, it will be more durable.

Cold Shrinkage System: Consisted of 8 sets elastic sheets and lateral post; preventing the court from cracks caused by temperature reduction. All plastic products will shrink during winter, our prefabricated futsal court’s buckles are reinforced, they’ll grasp each other firmly.
Inner Weight-gain Sheet: 8 pcs high-density blocks gain the tile’s weight; improve the court adhesion on the playground the ball bounce rate will be more stable.
Triangle Structure: more stable, stronger bearing capacity. You can park a car on the court without damage.

We’d like to introduce our removable futsal court construction to school gymnasiums, collegiate field houses. You can install basketball court, soccer or futsal court, tennis court, handball court, hockey court with our PP Mat. Our PP Mat can make your athletes perform at their highest levels.
We’ll provide 10 years warranty to our detachable futsal sport floor tiles, the product service time will be over than 15 years.

ZSFloor have 5 production lines for our PP Mat, the lead time of 1000sqm is one week. And we can provide custom packing for our agents.

Indoor futsal court products advantage introduction

indoor futsal court products advantage introduction

Elastic Pro futsal court advantage introduction

elastic pro futsal court advantage introduction

1. Size: 301mm*301mm*19.6mm
2. Weight: 449g/PCS±10g
3. Ball Rebound: ≥95%
4. Material: 100% recyclable PP and odorless.
5. Long Service Life: 10 years.
6. Installation: Easy to install, no need adhesive.
7. Maintenance: Free maintenance.
8. Tepreture: -40℃-80℃.
9. Multi-purpose and colorful appearance.

Elastic Flat PP Mat is the most popular indoor sports flooring tiles and kindergarten flooring. Elastic Flat PP Mat could be used for the indoor basketball court, futsal court, volleyball court, tennis court, badminton court, multi-use court and so on. Many kindergartens also use these tiles as indoor playground flooring for kids. We are a professional manufacturer of prefabricated futsal court. Welcome to procurement futsal court and wholesale portable futsal court.

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