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Causes and repair methods of cracks in suspension assembled sports flooring

With the gradual spread of the suspended floor, there are more and more problems. In order to eliminate the customer's doubts, today Xiaobian is the most important reason for us to pay attention to the crack problem and the correction method.

1. Uneven on the ground: paving the wholesale interlocking multi-use basketball court in an uneven environment on the ground. After a period of use, it is kneaded for a long time to produce a gap; less glue: the floor is in winter, there is heating and baking, the atmosphere is dry, the floor is flat. Tightening, joint glue can not work, the strength is not good, so that the floor is opened and the rubber is cracked;

2. There are heavy objects on the side: the parallel side of the floor to be repaired is biased by heavy objects, so that the floor can not be freely tightened, and there is a gap; this kind of room will show signs of arching in the summer, and the winter heating will come out again. Gap sign;

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The suspended floor manufacturer tells the user to repair the plan: remove the floor, dispose of the ground on the ground, dry and then spread from the beginning; the size of the voucher gap, decide to make up the wax, fill the glue from the head; use special things to firm or reload; remove the heavy objects, from scratch The potting is strong.
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Although the suspended floor is made of high-strength environmentally-friendly materials, there are still many problems to be solved, and the most common problems and solutions for the suspension sports floor after-sales.

Floor stains:

The floor is stained on a large area and difficult to organize.

1. Due to the structure of interlocking outdoor tennis court tiles, the stains that cannot be arranged are caused;

2, the floor is suspended structure, the stain can not be removed after infiltration, resulting in black spots or black lines on the surface;

Solution: Use a professional brush to finish the floor and adopt the correct maintenance method; if it is a quality problem, replace the problematic floor.

Surface defect

1. Falling angle: The floor is bumped during the handling process. The construction personnel did not pay attention to it during the construction process or after the construction, whether there is a buckle or a place where the buckle is not buckled or arched;

2, surface damage: after the construction, sharp tools or heavy objects fall off the floor, so that the appearance of the floor is affected;

3. Scratches: When the customer puts furniture or heavy objects on the floor, the floor and the items are mixed with nails or sharp objects, and the floor wear layer is damaged or the scratches are obvious;

Solution: Replace the floor.