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Analysis of the Reasons for Suspending Assembled Plastic Floors to Replace Wood Floors Slowly

Suspended flooring is slowly beginning to replace other old ground materials such as wooden floors, plastic granules, and other areas of the park and community leisure areas. But in a short time, there is no way to completely replace the solid position of wooden flooring in the sports world.

The suspension assembly floor manufacturer ZS-FLOOR explains here that the reason why the interlocking indoor sport surface is popular in the basketball world and the decoration industry, as well as outdoor sports fields, is as follows:
Insect prevention: Suspended plastic flooring is the primary choice for modified PP (polypropylene) as raw material, without any pest control; wooden flooring has higher requirements for pest control. If it is not treated with pest control, the pest control should not be done well, and the aphid will simply destroy the wood. The internal arrangement of the material of the floor itself.

2. Maintenance: The unique design and structure of the suspended assembled floor will withstand the movement and load for a long time, and will not affect the movement function and protection function; the wooden floor will need rehabilitation and maintenance after a period of use, otherwise it will affect its The internal physical structure is deformed.

3. Moisture-proof requirements: The suspended sports floor does not require any moisture-proof treatment; the wooden floor has high requirements for moisture-proof, and the moisture-proof process is complicated. It is assumed that the moisture-proof treatment or moisture-proof treatment is not done well, and the wooden floor will be deformed after the tide, resulting in a walking position. Wait.

4. Environmental protection: suspended floor colorless and odorless, low noise; wood flooring in the production process with additives, equipment in the process of adhesives, floor paint, etc.! These will have different degrees of gas evaporation, and there are harmful evaporating substances such as formaldehyde and benzene.

5. Construction: Suspended floor construction is simple, no glue is needed, the construction period is short, 4 people in a standard basketball court can be completed within 1 day; the construction technology of wooden floor is messy, and the protection measures such as moisture, insect and fire prevention are required, and some wooden floors are required. The need to build a keel is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

6. Cost: The suspended floor is a one-time investment, and no investment is required after the application. The price of a good imported wood floor is higher than that of the assembled floor. In the later stage, it is often cleaned, polished, waxed, etc. If necessary, it is necessary to redo the "three defenses" disposal, and the later investment is relatively large.

Suspended assembled plastic flooring has been carefully developed by the manufacturer of suspended flooring. It has achieved environmental protection and durability. It can be used indoors and outdoors in two directions, and it is not affected by the weather. It is easy to clean and helps the healthy movement of athletes. Then it is quick and convenient to install, it can be constructed by itself, and it also saves costs. The color of the interlocking wood indoor sport flooring basketball court can be matched according to the requirements of the customer to assemble different patterns. The suspended floor is now also a favorite product in various sports venues, schools, gymnasiums, and other activities, reducing the troubles in the construction of wooden floors, and winning each other! Assemble the floor to find ZS-FLOOR, the best product, to provide you with the best service.