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Advantages Of Suspended Basketball Court Floor Materials


The gradual strengthening of environmental awareness is partly due to the precarious situation of smog and many pollutions. In order to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, most sports venues have officially begun to introduce commercial suspended flooring that can be recycled and reused. Its benefits can be said to be obvious.
In addition to being more low-carbon and environmentally friendly, compared with traditional solid wood flooring, the suspended floor of the stadium has superior sports performance, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Tremor - point tremor and regional tremor: Regional tremor is the extent to which the floor is deformed by impact. The larger the tremor range, the more likely it is to cause a fracture. The tremor of a solid wood floor is a typical regional tremor. Due to the closed honeycomb structure, the suspended floor of the stadium has a small tremor range and belongs to the point tremor, which maximizes the protection of the athlete's body.

2, comfort: In general, the comfort of the sports floor from high to low in order: stadium suspension floor - Poly Bingxi sports floor - rubber floor - solid wood sports floor. It can be seen that the comfort of the suspended floor of the stadium is the best!

3, maintenance: the daily maintenance of the suspended floor of the stadium is more convenient and cheaper; the solid wood sports floor needs professional maintenance, and the maintenance cost is relatively high (for some floors, the annual maintenance cost may be equivalent to the purchase of the floor) The price of the suspended floor surface of the stadium is treated with anti-fouling and anti-fouling treatment. It does not need to be waxed for life. It can be cleaned and maintained by non-professionals. For daily cleaning, just use a damp mop.
In the above aspects, if you choose a sports floor with high-cost performance, Sc-Zsfloor suspension assembling floor is a good choice. The sports floor is produced by Sc-Zsfloor floor. After passing the inspection by the National Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, all technical indicators are qualified. It has non-toxic, odorless, waterproof and mildew-proof properties, which can protect users at the maximum. It is contaminated by chemical building materials. Indoor and outdoor sports flooring recommended: matte high toughness MiG suspension assembled floor

The advantages of Sc-Zsfloor suspension assembled flooring are as follows:

1. Shock absorption: The unique plastic foaming buffer layer of the suspended floor greatly reduces the damage caused by the huge impact of the ground on the joints and bones of the human body during strenuous exercise. It plays the role of damping and enhancing the rebound force.

2, non-slip: the technical control of the hardness and toughness of the wear layer makes the anti-skid coefficient the best, and provides safety for the athletes to freely swing.

3, sound absorption, light absorption: the ground texture is specially treated, consistent with the brightness of the light. There is no reflection, no blind spots.

4, durability: suspension splicing floor wear layer with 100% suspended floor material plus a stable reinforcement layer to make it more resistant to stretching, longer life.

5, quality: Sc-Zsfloor suspended floor, by the National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the National Environmental Product Quality Inspection Center inspection, all technical indicators are qualified, to meet the national competency standards.

6, economy: Sc-Zsfloor suspended plastic floor, in all kinds of sports flooring, cost-effective, low maintenance costs.

7. Mobility: Sc-Zsfloor suspended assembled floor can be fixed or paved, saving valuable space and increasing versatility. While completely surpassing the performance of traditional flooring, sports flooring also has The advantage that traditional solid wood flooring can't surpass is his environmental protection.

Because the surface of the solid wood sports floor is painted, the floor is not environmentally friendly and has formaldehyde release. The environmental protection performance is relatively poor, while the suspended sports floor does not contain formaldehyde and harmful gases, and the environment is environmentally friendly. Has become the best choice for most users when choosing the floor!

Low-carbon life is not only for our personal health but also for our overall living environment.